What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Steam

After almost a full fortnight of all the video games, having the energy to actually play video games is a bit weird for some. But man there are some absolute bangers that just became playable, and having worked through the whole long weekend, there are some quality titles that I’m very keen to fire up.

First, Sable. This has been all over the indie showcases for almost two years now. A demo is available through the Steam Next Fest and on Xbox. I think it’s probably better enjoyed with HDR, especially with the game’s look.

what are you playing this weekend
Image: Microsoft Flight Simulator

So there’s that. I’ve also been digging back into the bush flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator. I found they were especially cathartic through the hustle and bustle of E3. There was a super annoying moment, however: I got to the end of a 90-minute long leg in the Patagonia bush trip, went to land and the fucking plane tipped over and I lost all of my progress. 

And when I mean lose progress, I mean the game sends you back to the airstrip you started atFlight Sim is actually very convenient mid-flight: if the game crashes, or you have to Alt-F4 for whatever reason, it’ll restart you from wherever you were mid-air. So you could actually save-scum your way through bush trips if you want.

Unfortunately, I didn’t save scum fast enough, so now I have to do the whole damn leg again.

Still, it’s cathartic as hell and a whole bunch of new trips just got added. There’s no Australian curated flights yet, but an update released today has improved a lot of the world terrain around the Nordics, with one bush trip each for Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark.

This game is gonna be so good when it hits Xbox, seriously.

So that’s me. What are you playing this weekend?


  • Same as last weekend at this stage.
    Ark, Warframe, Biomutant and some Ratchet and Clank with the little fella.

  • I just finished Far Cry 5 this week so I’ll be checking out the three DLC’s for it, enjoying Hour of Darkness so far! Actually I have greatly enjoyed FC5 as a whole much more than 4, although still not as much as Primal or the first island of FC3 but that’s a high bar to reach. Legit kinda excited for 6 now.

  • I bought Farm Together on Thursday and I lost the weekend.

    There’s a heap of pc and ps5 gaming to be done and I fell into a cookie-clicker hole.

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