Sega Changes PSO2 Name To Something Less Borderline Racist

Sega Changes PSO2 Name To Something Less Borderline Racist

A non-player character in Sega MMO Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis underwent a name change with this week’s scheduled maintenance. The black and brown member of the robotic CAST race formerly known as “Diggah” shall henceforth be known as “Excator.”

Brought to our attention initially by Joe “Kongablooey” Negron on Twitter, Diggah was originally the name of a non-player character in the recently released Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis responsible for handing out mining missions to players. He introduces players to Dualomite, a rare purple mineral used to upgrade equipment in the massively multiplayer online game.

Sega Changes PSO2 Name To Something Less Borderline Racist

The name Diggah isn’t inherently offensive, but it is a single letter away from a very bad word indeed. It’s doubtful the name was intended to be offensive, as it’s basically the English version of the character’s original Japanese name, Dighoru (basically Digger). However, combined with the CAST’s relatively unique coloration and the fact that he asks players to find Dualomite, which sounds very similar to ‘70s blaxploitation comedy film Dolemite, it’s easy to see how the name could be considered pretty damn offensive.

In a post about the name change on the Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Reddit group, some players lament the renaming, while others wonder why it was necessary in the first place.

The name change occurred quietly with this week’s patch, listed in the update notes as “Corrected NPC names that were determined to be inappropriate as character names.” So far it seems like Diggah is the only name that was changed. We’ve reached out to Sega for comment on the name swap, but have yet to hear back.

Thanks again to Kongablooey on Twitter for bringing this story to our attention. It took us a while, but we got around to it.


  • The amount of mental hoops someone would have to jump through to find that name offensive is astonishing. Here’s hoping that person never finds out what Australian soldiers are referred to. A whole army of diggers would cause their brain to go into a complete meltdown.

    • Its fiiiiiinneee didnt u know? Us aussies are red neck swearing racists anyway! So its fiiiiiiiiiineee (yes that was sarcasm)

      Well you are talking about the same folks who saw hitler on the amazon logo so seeing a “potential” racist term in Diggah is par for the course… of course the less racist term they are using has its own problems since if you perform enough mental gymnastics you can link it it Excrete as opposed to the extended Excavate. See what you can do if you try hard enough?

    • “The name Diggah isn’t inherently offensive, but it is a single letter away from a very bad word indeed.” FFS! It is not a single letter away from ANYTHING.

      I honestly give up on the world, I say let the 1% ‘ers have it. I’m signing up for Musk’s trip to Mars, honestly don’t care if it explodes on take off.

      • Exploding on take off might be the best case scenario.

        Imagine leaving the fucking planet and finding out too late that you took one of those soul sucking idiots with you.

    • Just because you didn’t understand it, doesn’t make it convoluted.

      Don’t assume your perspective is somehow complete and right, because that’s the exact kind of infantile attitude that allows bigotry to flourish.

  • Cool, this is a great example of changing a bad coincidence in localisation to avoid sending the wrong tone to a different market.

    But watch how quickly people come out to cry “sjw” and “censorship”.

    • “avoid sending the wrong tone to a different market.”

      What tone is that? Seriously. What tone?

      I mean… If we take your username, change the “n” to an “l” and the “w” to a “p” it sounds suspiciously like an Australian racial slur for Asian people… I demand you change it immediately soo as to “avoid sending the wrong tone”.

      • And now I’ll never unsee that.

        Which I guess actually proves your point of how absurd the shit gets, especially when people who have too much time on their hands actively and intentionally jump through hoops to find something to be offended about.

        • It’s pathetic really…

          Like, allow me to use your username for example…

          Kasterix sounds like Asterix, a comic that uses classic stereotypes when portraying characters in other countries.. being that any and every stereotype is inherently offensive, then your username is now offensive and must be changed immediately.

          Wow… it really is so easy to force and twist things to stroke someone’s needs to be angry at everything

  • I was ready to laugh this one off until I saw the word dualamite.
    It’s certainly a hard one to cast off as coincidence.

    • It *is* actually a coincidence…

      First you have to realise this *is* a Jp game that’s an incredible leap to think that someone who doesn’t speak english as their first language to not only gets the racist undertone of the term from another language but to also be rather spiteful enough to sneak it in the game.

      Second the PS-verse has used the term -mite and -mate on a fair few healing and crafting items and it’s they are split into 3 levels Mono, Di and Tri. To show the efficacy/level (thing the Fire, Fira and Firaga from FF series)
      In the case of ores in PSO2 Genesis it’s Monotite, Duolomite and Trinite. “Duo” denoting “2”.

      Honestly some people are reading into this far too much =/

      • I know the game and I’m saying it’s a hard one to just fob off as a coincidence, not saying it wasn’t a coincidence.
        The colour and naming arguments are pretty weak but the addition of dualamite tops off the unfortunate three.

        I’m not reading much in to anything, the amount of emotional currency I have invested in this barely covers the comment and all that changed is why I found it funny.
        I’d say those who can’t move on either way are doing the over reading.

        • Ummm.. I’m sorry but you got me a bit confused there.. you’re saying it can’t (or at the very least very hard to) fob it off as a chain of coincidences meaning you think/imply its not just a coincidence.. and then say you didnt imply it wasnt a coincidence? XD

          Sorry if I misread that (I guess I should eat my own words for thinking too much here? =P)

  • Sooo…. When are we going to start marching in the streets demanding that country Niger change it’s name? You know.. because even though it “isn’t inherently offensive, but it is a single letter away from a very bad word indeed.”

    What about “corn” for that matter? I knew there was something off about corn.

    These people really do spend their time going well out of your way to find offence in things are inherently inoffensive… to the point of having to change the spelling of, and then the meaning of, something to make it offensive, then be offended by it and demand change.

    • Speaking of mental gymnastics…

      “Brought to our attention initially by Joe “Kongablooey” Negron on Twitter”

      I don’t know about you guys… but a white guy with the last name “Negron” calling out a game with an NPC named “Diggah” for being racist… methinks he should change his name immediately!!! How racist of him

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