Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Starts Today, Here’s How To Watch

Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Starts Today, Here’s How To Watch
Image: SGDQ

Like last year, the in-person part of this 2021’s Summer Games Done Quick was cancelled due to the continuing covid-19 pandemic. However, there are still a ton of games being played really, really fast online, all week long. And all of it for a good cause!

What is Summer Games Done Quick?

It’s the summertime counterpart to Awesome Games Done Quick, and will run from Sunday July 4 to Sunday July 11. It’s a week-long showcase of some of the world’s best speedrunners playing a huge list of games as fast as they possibly can, and explaining how they’re doing it as they do it. (That part is maybe more impressive to me than the actual speedrunning. Talking while gaming is harder than you might think, especially while streaming online!)

Where can I watch?

It’s completely free to watch, and you can do right here. And all of these runs help earn money for charity, so you should watch!

Wait, is this for charity?

Yup! Summer Games Done Quick helps raise money for Doctors Without Borders. In the past, the Games Done Quick events have raised millions of dollars. Back in January 2021, Awesome Games Done Quick raised over $3 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. In 2020, AGDQ raised, even more, $4 million. So yeah, this isn’t just a lot of fun to watch, but it’s all for a good cause.

So, where can I donate?

Donate right here. And here is more information about the charity that SGDQ is helping this year.

What time is everything on?

There’s a schedule right here. It’s such a good schedule that it’ll auto-detect your timezone and show the times/dates accordingly. Be prepared for a long list of games. I almost guarantee at least one game on this big list will be something you are interested in.

And if I miss anything?

Relax! This handy Reddit thread links to every VOD uploaded at the end of a playthrough, but SGDQ should also be uploading clips to their own YouTube page as well.

Cool, thanks, anything else?

Nope, go watch some games.

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