The Berserk Manga’s Future Is Still Undecided

The Berserk Manga’s Future Is Still Undecided

On May 6, Berserk creator Kentaro Miura died at the age of 54 from acute aortic dissection. At the time the editorial department of Young Animal Comics announced the news through the official Berserk Twitter account. Nearly three months later, the question of whether the manga — described by Miura ten years ago as 70 per cent complete — will ever be finished still goes unanswered.

“The news of Miura’s sudden passing has blanketed the Young Animal editorial department in deep sadness,” the publication wrote at the time, in its official statement. People around the world mourned his passing.

One of the best-selling manga of all time, Berserk debuted in 1989. The dark fantasy spawned TV and feature film anime, video games, and countless merchandise. The original Berserk manga, however, is unfinished. Miura both wrote and illustrated the manga, which had entered into its current Fantasia Arc back in 2010, when he apparently described it as 60 to 70 per cent finished. (The English release followed a year later.) Here is a summary via the Berserk Wiki:

The story follows Guts and his comrades in the aftermath of the Great Roar of the Astral World caused by Griffith. Onboard the Seahorse, Guts and his party set sail for the mystical island of Elfhelm to seek counsel with the Elf King, who could possibly restore Casca’s sanity.

But what does that mean for the arc now that its creator has passed? As Comic Book reports, a fan asked Young Animal on Twitter, saying it was nerve-racking that nothing has been announced regarding the Berserk manga.

“We apologise for that, and the state of Berserk hereafter is undecided,” replied the publication. “As soon as it is decided, there will be an announcement in Young Animal, so please wait for that.”

The editors at Young Animal probably know where the story is heading (or, at least, have a very good idea). But would fans be interested? Do they want to see how things play out for Guts and his crew, even if another writer and artist were at the helm? Questions no doubt the Young Animal editorial department is asking itself right now.


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