Axiom Verge 2 Shows It’s Time To Rethink Metroidvanias

Axiom Verge 2 Shows It’s Time To Rethink Metroidvanias
Image: Capcom / Kotaku

More so than any other medium, video games have a knack for spawning jargon that’s both absurd sounding and inscrutable. Near the top of that list is “Metroidvania,” a term that would prompt any normal person you said it in front of to quickly begin searching for the nearest exit. Even people who love Metroidvanias seem to hate the name, which at once means so much while also explaining nothing at all.

On this week’s episode of Splitscreen, we go deep into the 2D side-scrolling genre’s roots, baggage, and modern incarnations. Indie homages to Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night continue to proliferate every year, and we discuss some of our favourites, including the often overlooked gems like TimeSpinner. Even Nintendo couldn’t stay away, finally deigning to deliver Metroid Dread 15 years after it was originally conceived.

We also discuss Axiom Verge 2, which I recently reviewed for the site and does a very thorough job of deconstructing the Metroidvania formula before augmenting it into something flawed but original. Long story short: what if more 2D side-scrolling action games focused on challenges besides killing stuff? In the back-half of the show, we take our best stabs at renaming the genre altogether. We’d love for you to rate our suggestions and offer your own.

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