Bungie Escalates War On Destiny 2 Cheat Makers

Bungie Escalates War On Destiny 2 Cheat Makers

Bungie’s legal war against businesses distributing Destiny 2 cheat codes escalated last week with fresh lawsuits for copyright infringement filed against Elite Boss Tech, Lavicheats, and VeteranCheats.

Bungie’s really had it in for Destiny cheat enablers. Over the past year the developer has taken aim at PerfectAim, teamed up with Riot against Gatorcheats, and went in with Ubisoft on a lawsuit against cheat maker Ring-1. Now Bungie is doubling down with the trio of new claims, each filed on the 18 of August, each targeting a different purveyor of game-ruining cheats.

First we have its suit against Elite Boss Tech, the company behind popular cheating website Wallhax. Though not currently listed on the website, the Wallhax Destiny 2 cheat provides the standard combination of an aimbot, which helps players target their enemies with ridiculous accuracy, and an ESP hack, which lets players see enemies anywhere, including behind cover or across the map.

Along with the hacking and cheating, Bungie alleges Elite Boss Tech and its various related entities used the game maker’s copyrighted material to produce ads for their services, while using illegal copies of Bungie’s software to create the “hooks” the cheats use to circumvent Destiny 2’s antl-cheating measures. Bungie is asking for an injunction against Elite Boss Tech, the destruction of all cheating software, and damages.

The second lawsuit targets Kunsal “Lavi” Bansal, the owner of Lavicheats, which offers cheating services and software for use across various games. Once again, its Destiny 2 cheats are aimbots and ESP hacks. Bungie’s seeking similar reparations.

Lastly, Bungie is going after the folks who run Veterancheats.com for selling cheats such as aimbots, infinite ammo, infinite health, and good old ESP.

It’s not a good time to be a company selling Destiny 2 hacks, it seems. If your career plan includes helping Guardians cheat their way through Bungie’s sci-fi epic, it’s not too late to change your path. For starters, maybe try not being an arsehole.


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