Gigabyte Will Replace ‘Exploding’ PSUs, Takes Shot At Media On The Way Out

Gigabyte Will Replace ‘Exploding’ PSUs, Takes Shot At Media On The Way Out

In the wake of very public examples of two of their power supply units failing spectacularly, Gigabyte have offered replacements to anyone affected, while simultaneously casting doubt on the methodology used by those raising the issue in the first place.

In a statement issued on the company’s site, Gigabyte gives an explanation as to what’s going on — two power supply models, the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM, have been found dead on arrival or sparking themselves to death — saying “there can occasionally be instances where the peak wattage can exceed the intended usage range”.

The company then moves on to directly address the Gamers Nexus video from last week that so publicly highlighted the problem in the first place, seemingly blaming them for putting the units under so much pressure:

GIGABYTE, appreciates and takes into consideration any feedback and suggestions from our media partners and PC hardware professionals. We were made aware by third parties of concerns regarding potential issues of the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM tripping at high wattages when tested via DC Electronic Load equipment for extended lengths of time repeatedly close to the 120% to 150% OPP trigger point. This level of extended testing could severely reduce the lifespan of the product and components of the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM.

That’s not what happened though! The Gamers Nexus video showed that the units would sometimes arrive dead in the box before they were even used, or would die after only a few minutes use, not Gigabyte’s claimed “extended lengths of time”.

Which might explain why despite this, and repeated assurances that all their power supply units have been safety certified, Gigabyte also points out that these models have since had changes made to them, and that anyone who has purchased any of the affected units can have them exchanged, with users asked to contact their local Gigabyte customer service centre.


  • I’d say that someone should tell Gigabyte that the way you apologize shows your true character (and blaming others and making excuses are obviously not signs of good character)… but I strongly suspect they don’t care.

  • Gigabyte should automatically be on everyone’s boycott list. Nice of them to replace one exploding PSU with what I’d suspect to be another just as explosive PSU with the exact same flaws.

  • It took months for Nexus to acquire and test these power supplies, months Gigabyte knew of and did nothing but the bare minimum, did not acknowledge an issue, continued to sell them, failed to recall, or provide remedy until they were called out publicly.

    The power supplies were dumped on people in a shoddy and shady business practice of bundling unsellable junk to hot ticket video cards… and Gigabyte still thinks it’s okay to make excuses and deflections like that. Shame on them.

  • Notice they didn’t address that they were being sold in bundles that forced the consumer to buy them and not easily available as individual retail units. Almost as if they new they were selling defective hardware.

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