Gigabyte’s Concept 5G Gaming PC Is Some Space Age Stuff

Gigabyte’s Concept 5G Gaming PC Is Some Space Age Stuff

We’re not that far off a world where 5G is standard in gaming PCs. So that’s got companies thinking about how they can spice things up, which has created this slightly wild contraption from GIGABYTE.

It’s called Project Cielo, and it’s the sort of product you’d normally expect to see showcased at CES where other concept devices appear. It’s this unusual, almost triangle-like portable PC case, although the shape of it specifically reminds me of three pizza boxes stacked atop of each other:

project cielo

The PC is designed to be modular, broken into three parts that can be separated: the main part with the guts of the machine, a battery pack for portability, and a Bluetooth speaker. “Users can combine any of the two parts and fulfil their needs for gaming, entertainment or other mobile applications,” GIGABYTE says.

The concept hinges on a 5G antenna that’s built into the chassis, which is designed to enable low latency gaming on par with a normal ethernet connection. Of course, it doesn’t really answer the small part — there’s no monitor in this setup, and there’s nothing in the Cielo concept that would let you power the monitor directly through that.

Being a concept, we also don’t know what guts this PC would actually have. I imagine if CES was an in-person event — and probably even whatever virtual or hybrid equivalent that returns for 2022 — GIGABYTE would build out a working unit, complete with a slimline GPU, probably a low-profile Noctua fan and a whole bunch of other guts. (Given that GIGABYTE is based in Taiwan, I wouldn’t be surprised if this shows up at Computex next year — it’s the perfect prototype to submit for the show awards.)

Then again, given how difficult it is to get supply of anything right now, maybe building a working prototype is too much right now. Good thing nobody’s in a rush, then.

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