Nvidia Warns That GPU Supply Will Be Cooked For ‘Much Of This Year’

Nvidia Warns That GPU Supply Will Be Cooked For ‘Much Of This Year’

If you missed out on the RTX 3000 GPU rush and were wondering when Nvidia’s supply might return to normal? I have some not great news for you.

Amidst everything that’s happening with the Global Technology Conference this week, Nvidia also held their annual Investor Day. Unsurprisingly, the news was good for stockholders, because supply of literally everything under the sun has been bought out and continues to stay that way.

The downside of that, as outlined in a quote from Nvidia’s chief financial officer Colette Kress, is that “channel inventories remain quite lean”. In other words: bad luck for anyone who wants to buy a GPU.

Overall demand remains very strong and continues to exceed supply while our channel inventories remain quite lean. We expect demand to continue to exceed supply for much of this year. We believe we will have sufficient supply to support sequential growth beyond Q1,” Kress said.

Put another way, Kress is saying Nvidia will be able to supply enough that the company will continue enjoying above-average revenue growth — but not enough supply to ensure that gamers can actually buy a 3000-series GPU, and certainly not enough supply to resolve the supremely absurd gouging that’s going on even with the lower-tier RTX 3060 cards.

Kress had previously warned that Nvidia’s supply could be tight until the end of the first quarter, which is April according to Nvidia’s financial calendar. These new comments indicate that things absolutely aren’t going to get any better once April is done, so people have a serious decision to make: either put in a pre-order for a GPU now and eat shit on the vastly inflated prices, or … wait for the 4000-series GPUs?

That’s a really unfortunate situation to consider, but with the way prices and supply are in Australia right now, there’s not a lot else people can do. Another alternative is to maybe investigate pre-built gaming PCs, as manufacturers of those are getting enough supply of new GPUs to sell product. That’s not helpful if you’re just looking for a single component to upgrade your rig, but hey, at least it’s something.

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