The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf’s New Trailer Tosses A Coin Vesemir’s Way

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf’s New Trailer Tosses A Coin Vesemir’s Way
Contributor: Charles Pulliam-Moore

In order for The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia to become one of the last hopes for the world, and well, a witcher, he not only had to undergo the gruelling process of physical transformation — he had to gain quite a bit of his knowledge from his mentor, another witcher by the name of Vesemir. Though Vesemir’s set to feature largely in the upcoming second season of Netflix’s live-action series, the elder witcher’s also getting a proper chance in the spotlight in Nightmare of the Wolf, an animated prequel series produced by Studio Mir.

Set long before the events of The Witcher, Netflix’s Nightmare of the Wolf follows Vesemir (Theo James) from his youth as he goes from being an ordinary young boy to embracing his new life as a powerful witcher, both blessed and cursed with abilities that make him a revered figure throughout the land.

Much like his one-day mentee, Vesemir takes to the hard life of being a witcher understanding that while he renders an invaluable service to humanity by slaying demons, people also see him as a kind of monster who needs to be kept a healthy arm’s distance.

The money Vesemir makes from his demon hunting is more than enough to furnish a life of moderate comfort in the new trailer, but when a gig escorting the witch Tetra (Lara Pulver) arises, he leaves his modest luxuries behind in order to do what he does best: kill the dangerous beings that, like he and Teta, wield magic.

While there’s only but so much to be gleaned about Nightmare of the Wolf’s premise from the trailer, there are a few shots of other witchers from the previous age, suggesting that the series may delve a bit more into the culture and lives of other witchers than The Witcher’s first season did.

Because characters like Vesemir are set to appear in live-action in The Witcher’s second season, there’s also a solid chance that Nightmare of the Wolf’s story will factor into the franchise’s near future, meaning that the show’s probably going to be something fans want to check out when it hits Netflix August 23.