Xbox Consoles Are Getting A ‘Night Mode’ To Help Your Tired Eyes

Xbox Consoles Are Getting A ‘Night Mode’ To Help Your Tired Eyes

Xbox Insiders are currently testing a new feature that’s rolling out to consoles soon: “Night Mode”, which will dim everything that Microsoft can dim, from the console’s UI to the lights on the controller.

As spotted by The Verge, Night Mode isn’t just there as a toggle, it’s got loads of settings and features, like:

  • There’s a blue light filter
  • You can adjust to different levels of a dimmed screen
  • A system-wide dark mode will run across the UI and games
  • HDR can be disabled
  • The LED brightness of controllers can also be dimmed, as can the Xbox power button itself
  • Night Mode can be scheduled either to user-defined times or automatically based on the system clock

Neat! If I can do this stuff on my phone there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to do it with game consoles either (though it should be noted the PS5 has some of this functionality already, with a night mode available for the DualShock 5’s LED light) so this is a cool move by Microsoft. You can see how it all works in the video below:

As this mode is still in testing there’s no word on when it will roll out to all consoles. And to save you saying the same thing 1000 times over in the comments, yes, the Switch needs this more than an Xbox does, and yes, it would be great if it had one too instead of just a basic “dark” theme.


  • Dark mode should be the default on all computer interfaces.
    Night mode being an extension of dark mode focused on dimming.
    Light mode should be made illegal.

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