Incredible Death Stranding Cosplay Even Gets The Landscape Right

Incredible Death Stranding Cosplay Even Gets The Landscape Right

There’s plenty of great Death Stranding cosplay to go around already, but this new video piece really goes the extra mile by having even the place it was shot look just like the game’s desolate future America.

This is Japanese cosplayer Raxy, someone who specialises in being Sam Bridges, and who through the course of this video manages an outfit change, a lot of walking, miles and miles of package delivery and even some cutscene action towards the end.

The video was made by Rescue The Princess!, whose work we’ve featured here before, and as I’ve alluded to already what helps take some great cosplay and make it even better here is the choice of location for this shoot.

The whole video was shot on the island of Oshima, which lies just off the coast of Japan, near Tokyo. While around 8000 people live on Oshima, it’s basically just a volcano sticking out of the ocean, and with two eruptions having taken place in the last 60 years, that’s had an effect on the surrounding countryside.

The black, ashy soil and limited vegetation (beyond loads of lush green grass) is a dead ringer for Death Stranding’s apocalyptic environments, and really helps take this whole thing to another level. Even the beach looks spot-on.

You can see more of Raxy’s cosplay here, and more of Rescue the Princess’! video work here. Also helping out were NaThalang, who did the special effects work, and Tristan Junker on support duties.

Oh, and before we go, I had to visit Oshima’s Wikipedia page to get its population figure, and while there saw that Pokémon’s Cinnabar Island is based on Oshima, so there you go!


Incredible Death Stranding Cosplay Even Gets The Landscape Right

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Incredible Death Stranding Cosplay Even Gets The Landscape Right

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