Seven New Guns You Should Really Have In Destiny 2 Season Of The Lost

Seven New Guns You Should Really Have In Destiny 2 Season Of The Lost

Season 15 of Destiny 2 is finally upon us and despite some of my scepticism after it went live last week, I haven’t been able to put it down. Season of the Lost might not be as significant as an annual expansion but it is still taking some big swings, and thanks to the intersection of a few different changes all going on at once, there’s more interesting loot than ever to chase in Destiny 2 as it approaches its fifth year.

Those changes include Bungie re-working The Dreaming City and Moon loot pools to include a better range of perk rolls, adding Trials of the Nine weapons into the Prophecy dungeon rotation, and adding a bunch of buffs in this season’s massive patch to expand on what’s viable in higher-level play. Hand cannons, scout rifles, fusion rifles, and machine guns are all a bit stronger now, and fan favourites like the Vex Mythoclast exotic have been improved enough to finally be worth grabbing.

Season of the Lost also just has a fair amount of new weapons overall, including a new set of Stasis-based primary weapons that open up new possibilities for Stasis subclass builds and come with some fun, novel new perks. Whether you play Destiny 2 every night or only dabble in it now and again, I tried to construct the following list so that it had something for everyone, and will look to update it as I get a chance to try out some of the ritual playlist and Iron Banner weapons I haven’t experimented with yet.

For now though, here are seven weapons worth tracking down over the next six months in the lead up to Witch Queen:

Screenshot: Bungie
Screenshot: Bungie


Why it’s good: Vulpecula is a 180 RPM precision-frame hand cannon that occupies the primary slot but deals Stasis damage. It does decent damage while still handling like a dream, firing rapidly but not inconsequentially, and rolls with a lot of great perks.

How to get it: It drops from the main questline and from the seasonal Astral Alignment activity and Umbral Engram focusing after that.

Perks to look for: Headstone is new and fantastic, generating a Stasis crystal after headshot final blows. Harmony grants a temporary buff after killing enemies with another weapon which is always useful. Explosive Payload is great for PVP. And you can never go wrong with Outlaw and/or Multikill Clip.

Screenshot: Bungie
Screenshot: Bungie

Chrysura Melo

Why it’s good: Chrysura Melo is a slow-firing, high-impact energy auto rifle. A lot of people don’t like it, but I’ve been leaning on my Melo since Season of the Lost started and it has been clutch. It’s great for clearing out mobs quickly and the slower cadence makes it easy to land headshots. Plus auto rifles are the only weapons that can utilise anti-barrier mods this season.

How to get it: It’s both a season pass reward and can be focused from Umbral Engrams.

Perks to look for: Outlaw and Dragonfly are a killer combo. Dynamic Sway Reduction or Heating Up if you want help aiming.

Screenshot: Bungie
Screenshot: Bungie

Servant Leader

Why it’s good: Scout rifles are still lacking overall in Destiny 2 but I still love using them, and Servant Leader more than most. Its rapid-fire frame and stats make it a spiritual successor to Shadowkeep’s now-sunset Randy’s Throwing Knife.

How to get it: Gambit playlist. It’s a straightforward grind but one that makes it hard to track down your preferred set of perk rolls.

Perks to look for: Rampage, Kill Clip, and Frenzy are great for clearing mobs in PVE. Tunnel Vision can make it lethal in PVP. Shoot to Loot, meanwhile, makes it an incredibly fun and versatile weapon to use across a range of activities.

Screenshot: Bungie
Screenshot: Bungie

A Fine Memorial

Why it’s good: There aren’t a lot of great machine guns out there at the moment but A Fine Memorial is one of them. Technically added back to the Moon late last season, Bungie only recently revised its perk pool. It’s a monster for clearing out waves of enemies, but best of all it’s super easy to get.

How to get it: Like all the Moon weapons, A Fine Memorial can be target-farmed using the Essence of Greed mission item from the Lectern by Eris Morn’s camp. It can be done in less than an hour.

Perks to look for: Subsistence and Frenzy. Auto-Loading Holster and One For All are also nice, but those first two take its efficiency to another level.

Screenshot: Bungie
Screenshot: Bungie

Legal Action II

Why it’s good: Legal Action II returns and holds its own against rival pulse rifles The Messenger and Cold Denial. Its high-impact rounds are satisfying and lethal, especially in solo play. It’s also more straightforward to get than grinding Trials of Osiris.

How to get it: Engram drops in the world and faction rank-up packages.

Perks to look for: Feeding Frenzy and Rampage are an excellent combination. Heating Up will help you land those headshots more consistently. Tactical Mag will boost its overall performance.

Screenshot: Bungie
Screenshot: Bungie

Last Breath

Why it’s good: Last Breath is a returning Trials of the Nine auto rifle with all-around great stats and handling. It’s hard to get, but an effective replacement in the primary slot for Chroma Rush if you missed that last season or don’t have one with great perk rolls. It also has higher range than its Season of the Splicer equivalent which, when paired with Rangefinder, makes it useful even at longer distances when you don’t have a scout or sniper rifle onhand to help you out.

How to get it: The Prophecy Dungeon in its second encounter, the Cube room. Once it’s dropped for you once, it can then be earned from any part of the dungeon (which you can run for more rewards as many times as you want each week).

Perks to look for: Rangefinder for PVP or hard solo content if you play alone a lot. Subsistence plus Frenzy or Adagio are beastly. Demolitionist and One For All are also great. This gun has very few bad perks.

Screenshot: Bungie
Screenshot: Bungie

Vex Mythoclast

Why it’s good: If you play Destiny 2 on a weekly basis you really need to make getting Vex Mythoclast a priority. Yes, the fusion rifle from the Vault of Glass raid technically isn’t new, having appeared earlier this year. But it has been significantly buffed in the latest patch. It now does 40% more damage, has a quicker charge time, and handles more easily. It’s hard to get, but it’s easily one of Destiny 2’s defining exotics now for 2021, and fortunately the Vault of Glass is one of the game’s most fun, least obnoxious raids.

How to get it: It has a chance of dropping at the very end of the Vault of Glass raid, but the drop rate and whether there’s any “luck protection” to increase the odds of finding it the more you play are unknown. Good luck!

Perks to look for: It’s a curated roll.

Honorable mentions

Wolftone Draw: This precision-frame bow is sharp and nimble but easily skipped. Season of the Lost’s bizarre seasonal mod pool, however, makes bows a core part of bringing down Overload champions for the next six months. Aim for the Archer’s Tempo perk. Dragonfly or Harmony are a plus.

Contingency Plan: A rapid-fire energy scout rifle that deals arc damage and rolls with a range of reload speed and damage-boosting perks. There are plenty of better guns but I keep finding myself making excuses to switch back to it.

Scathelocke: This returning auto rifle is one of the best-designed, most satisfying guns in all of Destiny 2. It’s not the most powerful and far from the flashiest, but there is arguably no trustier companion to have in the primary slot. It’s also a world drop, meaning you’re bound to run into it sooner or later. Enjoy it! Especially if it lands with Subsistence or Rampage.

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