More Weapons, Modes, And Headbutts Headed To Chivalry 2

More Weapons, Modes, And Headbutts Headed To Chivalry 2

Log into your Chivalry 2 on Epic Games Store right now and you’ll find a free “Fight Knight” update. Thematically it’s a Halloween update, but it actually adds a fair bit of content and gameplay tweaks as well.

At the centre of it all is a tavern brawl mode, in which you don’t start with weapons but can grab anything you see such as chairs, beer steins, and giant fish.

There’s also a new weapon type: The Rapier. This focuses on a “swashbuckling combat style with more focus on fast-movements and flourishes.” I’ll be keen to see which classes can wield this – if those cowardly archers can wield rapiers, that might be a bit OP.

I use the two-handed maul, so I’m a bit worried the quick stabs of this rapier is the counter to my playstyle, constantly interrupting any larger haymakers I might try to pull off.

There are also improvements to Arena mode, new cosmetics and a new Last Team Standing mode which is exactly what it sounds like, with no respawns.

Plus – headbutts! If you lose both arms, you can now try to headbutt your opponent to death before you bleed out. Losing both arms sounds a little niche, and I’m betting the headbutt doesn’t do more damage than a normal punch, so this is still probably a time in which the enemy gets to toy with you.

But it’s fun to imagine a bonkers knight with nothing left to lose just headbutting forward. A good nod to Monty Python. And also maybe The Simpsons.

If you manage to actually get enough headbutts in, you’ll fill your meter and won’t bleed out. Then you can run around headbutting all game! It’s just a flesh wound! You’ll bite their legs off!

Chivalry 2 is a damn good time. As you’d expect, from Chivalry being a damn good time. It’s one of those games in which even dying is lots of fun. The harder you get crunched by an enemy two-hander, the more hilarious it is.

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