DokeV Appears On South Korean TV, Still Looks Wholesome

DokeV Appears On South Korean TV, Still Looks Wholesome

It’s not exactly an MMO anymore, but DokeV is still charming as all hell, judging by some fresh gameplay shown in a new South Korean TV segment.

The gameplay was broadcast as part of a profile on the studio Pearl Abyss, better known for their work on Black Desert Online. It’s actually an intriguing look at different parts of the studio process, including the motion capture, DokeV‘s general philosophy, the game engine used, music production, and more.

For one, I wouldn’t have expected Ghostbusters to be an official influence on something so charming. But there’s also lots of little bits of footage that weren’t shown off during Gamescom. Take this over the shoulder image of the game, which shows a pretty impressive amount of draw distance. (It’s butchered by what’s obviously an over-the-shoulder shot from a TV camera, but it’s still something.)

Image: YouTube (오목교 전자상가)

Another interesting quip from the game was a quote — translated by Google, sadly, but still interesting enough for our purposes — about the motion capture. One of the developers spoke about motion capturing kids for DokeV, because they could make small movements and gestures that adults don’t do.

Given that DokeV‘s main star is a kid — and DokeV is very much meant to be a game friendly for younger audiences — the effort makes total sense. And like al lot of games, the developers wanted to recreate environments that reflected the real-world. Here’s a shot of a real pagoda and its variant, recreated in DokeV. 

There’s some detail missing — it’s a segment broadcast for TV, butchered by YouTube compression — but it’s still neat to have more data about DokeV‘s world and how it’s all coming together.

You can watch the full segment on DokeV and Pearl Abyss below through YouTube. It’s all in Korean, but there’s still some good segments worth watching for those who want to follow DokeV‘s progress.

As for the game’s release, it doesn’t have a formal date as of yet. It’s pretty late in the year for a 2021 launch, though. The expectation is that we’ll see it sometime in 2022, although it’s possible a closed or open beta only becomes playable next year, with a full release in 2023. Whatever the situation ends up being, we’ll keep you posted as soon as more information is announced.

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