Animal Crossing Stoners’ New Obsession Is The ‘Gyroid Bong’

Animal Crossing Stoners’ New Obsession Is The ‘Gyroid Bong’

Animal Crossing: New Horizons substantial update has brought not only a wealth of new content, but also some old favourite items fans have longed for. This includes gyroids, those cute and unusual little decorative fixtures last seen in 2017’s Pocket Camp. Yes, they’ve made a return, and a subset of the game’s player base has rallied behind collecting all these adorable things.

Gyroids are pieces of furniture that, well, gyrate and play delightful music. Since they’ve appeared as NPCs in the past, some fans suggest they are actually sentient. There exist a full range of 36 unique gyroids, from ones that look like animals to others that resemble cookie jars. They’re appealing! But they also have a bit of a morbid history as haniwa, Japanese clay sculptures used in rituals and buried with the dead as a parting gift during the Kofun period (3rd to 6th centuries AD). So, sure, gyroids are charming, but they’re also creepy.

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Getting a gyroid reminds you of the haniwa’s macabre history, too. Brewster, who was also added in the update, gives you a gyroid fragment and instructs you to plant and water it to ensure it grows into a full one. This is how you obtain them, by burying little pieces of clay you find on various islands and nurturing them until they rise a day later.

That hasn’t stopped the ACNH community from embracing the eerily cute gyroids. In particular, New Horizons weedheads seem to be loving these things, especially the one known as the Whistloid.

I mean, just look at it. With its rounded middle section, long and curved top spout, and arms that could easily be used as the bowl and downstem, it’s no wonder pot smokers see this as the obvious bong of the entire group. In fact, the game’s community has dubbed it the “bong gyroid.”

Because they are furniture, gyroids are placeable on any surface: on a desk, in a bookcase, on a shelf — you name it! This has prompted the community to treat these bong gyroids as collectibles, aiming to secure them all for an epic island smoke sesh. Twitter user @mayahorizons told Kotaku over Twitter DMs that she plans to host the “chill out” on Black Friday and encouraged “all stoners” to celebrate the day by hosting their own tokefest with friends.

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Stoners will turn anything into a vessel to smoke out of, though. If it’s possible, it’s smokable, so the 420 mantra goes. (I’m making that up, but it sounds right.) This is the latest example of games and weed merging in the best way.

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