Animal Crossing’s Got Hundreds Of Cool New Items, Like Fairy Lights And Castle Towers

Animal Crossing’s Got Hundreds Of Cool New Items, Like Fairy Lights And Castle Towers

Ever since Nintendo announced Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ big 2.0 update players have been scrambling to build up their Nook Mile stashes knowing good things were in store. Now the update is live and they’ve been rewarded with lots of cool new stuff like better hairstyles, outdoor furniture, and fairy lights, which is finally making the Nook Stop a priority again.

After ACNH’s 2.0 update unexpectedly went live last night, players discovered a bunch of new items added to the game. Based on a recent datamine, Animal Crossing World speculates that there are approximately 9,000 new ones, including colour variants. Some of these are purchased with bells, while others can only be acquired by redeeming Nook Miles.

Top billing for the latter category arguably goes to fairy lights, outdoor decorations players have been asking about for ages, and even going so far as to paint them onto walls or edit them into island photographs. Now they are finally here, and for 2,400 Nook Miles they can be yours.

The new pergolas and gazebos are also top-notch. In fact, there’s a whole host of new outdoor furniture encompassing ornate park benches, balloon wagons, carnival rides, and lots of other accent pieces for players’ island plazas. The list is long, and with each item averaging a few thousand Miles, it won’t take players long to drain their reserves.

Want to make a sustainable energy wind farm? You can do that now (RIP birds). Want to turn your island into a giant solar panel? Go for it.

But there are also some new showstoppers you can buy with bells, like swords and teddy bear backpacks.

In fact, there’s a whole new set of castle stuff you can use to go completely medieval or, if you prefer, reenact Reign of Fire. But the stuff does not come cheap. The castle tower, in particular, is 250,000 bells. But what else have you been saving up all that cash for if not for this.

The specific variants of each new item popping up in players’ Nook kiosks will be different, of course. Some are getting pink pergolas. Others are getting brown ones. Fortunately you can always trade with friends and strangers to get the specific versions you want. The point of ACNH, after all, is for conspicuous consumption to bring people closer together. And with the surfeit of new items in the game’s massive 2.0 update, it looks set to do that now more than ever.

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