Dark Souls, Only Now It’s Got Halo Guns

Dark Souls, Only Now It’s Got Halo Guns

I wrote about a Dark Souls gun mod last year, but that one was just for fun. This new one by InfernoPlus is a lot bigger and a lot more ambitious.

You wouldn’t guess it from the names on the front door — the mod is simply called “v2.0 Dark Souls: Remastest Mod” and its video “Dark Souls Except It’s Incredibly Cursed” — but this thing takes a whole bunch of stuff from Halo and makes it work in Dark Souls.

You know, Halo, the big sci-fi shooter, with the guns and the rocket launchers. A range of Halo weapons are now fully compatible with Dark Souls thanks to this mod, and even have new and custom animations for each one, meaning every firing and reload looks like the weapons have always been in the game.

Look at this shit! InfernoPlus went and learned how to animate these characters, then put 100 new animations in the game just so they could slam clips into a gun from Halo. And then made sure they all worked properly, so instead of being reskins they’re a whole new class of weapon in the game.

I actually wrote about an earlier version of this mod too, back when it was “just” introducing some Halo maps into the game’s multiplayer, but I’d say that adding rocket launchers to Dark Souls warranted an update.

The video below gives a big rundown of everything in the mod, with the gun stuff loaded at the front, showing not just how every single different Halo weapon — from a Needler to a battle rifle — is handled perfectly, but how they work inside the actual game against enemies (both multiplayer and singleplayer) as well.

In addition to the Halo stuff — and this adds more classic Halo maps to multiplayer — the mod also makes loads of changes to Dark Souls, adjusting values and weights and all kinds of balance tweaks. It also introduces new weapons of a more traditional nature (swords, axes and hammers)

If you want to download the mod and try it out, it’s available here.

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