Oh Good: It Looks Like Discord Might Be Considering NFTs

Oh Good: It Looks Like Discord Might Be Considering NFTs

Popular community app Discord may be looking into ways it can better serve the growing NFT and Web3 community.

A user survey screenshotted by Twitter user Jason Scott (@textfiles) began to gather steam early this morning. The same screenshot later appeared on the r/discordapp subreddit and more condemnation followed.

Beyond a broad unwillingness to allow NFT’s to proliferate on the platform, many argued that what could be seen of the user survey seemed rather leading. The concern was that Discord wasn’t looking to gauge overall user interest or awareness of NFT’s as much as asking NFT traders directly how it could better serve them.

There was one sticking point, however. Despite the screenshots and the rage, no one had actually confirmed the existence of the survey. No one had even posted so much as a link to it.

As Twitter and Reddit began to dig into the survey’s origins, what became apparent was that this was not a new survey. Older threads and tweets about the survey suggested it had been open since at least August and flown under the radar.

And then, finally, the survey appeared. Though the survey was open when the link began to spread, and Kotaku Australia was able to read through it in its entirety, the survey now appears to be closed. This did not keep screenshots of the survey’s questions from spreading on social media.

The bulk of the survey revolved around how Discord could best integrate NFT trading and Web3 experiences into its existing platform and less about how users would feel about including those features into the app. This makes sense — NFT collectors represent a growing community and that makes them an audience Discord would want to tap into.

A feedback thread on Discord’s support page calling for the platform to step away from NFT’s has since appeared.

When reached for comment, a Discord spokesperson said “We’re always exploring and hacking away at things we think will improve Discord for all the communities we serve. This includes research that helps us learn about what people want.”

Piece updated 9/11/21 to add comment from Discord spokesperson.


  • tldr; Journos seethe over egalitarian money laundering vanity projects, everyone wins.

    Discord is for every law-abiding community that conforms to their politics, it would be bizarre to discriminate against the budding NFT and crypto rug-pull communities who have found their homes on the hit instant messenger whose staff support pornographic art of child characters being hosted on their platform.

    Crypto scammers, admittedly, are more of a signal or telegram thing. A shame, too, the technology is well worth implementing in meaningful ways, not that most people whinging about it actually understand it.

    • Name one benefit that block chain could add to a communication platform like discord… that is not capitalistic crypto-currency/trading?

      • Going off those surveys, it’s not talking about implementing blockchain technology in the way you’re thinking of. My guess – being able to access one’s crypto wallet via the Discord client, probably as a precursor for paying users directly through discord a la what Twitter’s recently tried implementing.

        In regards to NFT’s, eh, who knows – Discord’s own store flopped massively, so I doubt they’d consider opening up their own NFT marketplace. Probably some way to display them on a profile, the survey is asking participants what they would like to see. Perhaps it just means integration with pre-existing marketplaces, similar to how one can link a Discord account to other social media. Again, much like what Twitter and open-source Signal have planned.

        If morons want to tie their crypto wallets to specific Discord accounts and make it easier for the feds to track them, it doesn’t affect me. If they get caught out by their respective tax agencies, that’s on them for poor OPSEC.

        In regards to the benefits of blockchain technology in implementations that are useful, I wasn’t talking about Discord. It has its uses in the service industry, agriculture, even education, but it’s hard to imagine a blockchain-based social media because the inherent nature of the technology would make it near-impossible for a company to operate and simultaneously profit from. If you want ‘decentralised’ social media, that already exists without the need of blockchain technology – the fediverse exists.

  • I read all Jokers posts with the image of a guy standing on a crate outside Flinders Station. Just screamed at people as they pass.

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