Easy Far Cry 6 Exploit Totally Eliminates Weapon Recoil

Easy Far Cry 6 Exploit Totally Eliminates Weapon Recoil
Fuck you, birds. (Gif: Ubisoft / Kotaku)

The new open-world shooter Far Cry 6 quickly lets you become an unstoppable machine. Here’s a trick that’ll make you even less stoppable: By turning off the game’s camera shake, you’ll completely eliminate recoil for all weapons, including shotguns and extremely high fire-rate machine guns.

As pointed out by Reddit user RogerKillsPeggy, developer Ubisoft seems to have tied weapon recoil to camera shake in Far Cry 6. Typically, when you fire an automatic weapon repeatedly, your targeting reticle will sway wildly around the screen, with just how wildly depending on that weapon’s particular stats. RogerKillsPeggy posted a short video illustrating how bad the recoil can get, and how much smoother it can be when you disable camera shakes. In the first half, the player empties an LMG clip into the air, and the reticle ticks upward, out of control. In the second half, the weapon stays steady as a lake on a windless night.

I tested the trick out today, and sure enough, this exploit appears to work across the board.

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The single-shot .MBP 50 sniper rifle doesn’t move a pixel. Shotguns either. Assault rifles and SMGs don’t have terrible recoil in this game to begin with, but the trick works for those weapons too. Most unfairly, none of the game’s four LMGs — from the basic RPD to the one with such a high fire-rate it sounds like a chainsaw, the MG42 — sway at all. (Bonus tip: Put blast rounds on your LMG and wear a piece of gear with the Anti Air perk, which dishes out extra damage to helicopters and planes, and you’ll never have to worry about flying vehicles again.)

Switching off your camera shake is, dare I say, an overpowered workaround in a game that already gives you leeway to be quite powerful. On consoles, you can turn off camera shake by opening up Far Cry 6’s video options, scrolling to the Motion submenu, and switching camera shakes from “full” to “minimal.” For PC players, that option is buried under the “Quality” section of the video options.



  • Good! nothing gives me a headache like camera shake; can we not call this an exploit; its more of a quality of life option in a singleplayer game.

  • This might be the laziest implementation of weapon recoil I have ever seen in a video game.

    At least this ‘fix’ will make some of the other guns in the game usable, because their recoil coupled with the stupid ammo system made some of them utterly pointless to even equip. But now you can have an LMG headshot laser you can just spray at groups of enemies.

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