What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Friends, it is the end of the week once again. Friday, The Good Day, has arrived. And so we once again come to you, as we do every week, and ask: what are you playing this weekend?

We’re getting through the end-of-year release glut now, with Pokemon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl launching over the weekend. I think that one’s gonna be the big draw for me. I bought a copy of Shining Diamond last weekend and haven’t even opened it yet. These games are from the era of Pokemon where I wasn’t really playing them anymore. I was actually working at EB Games when Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum launched, but for whatever reason, I gave them a miss. Looking forward to patching this particular memory hole.

What else? There’ll be more Halo Infinite multiplayer this weekend. I know people have their gripes with this one, and most of those issues are founded I think. But I’ll be damned if the core of the thing isn’t pure Halo. I just love having it back.

Beyond that, the wireless N64 and Mega Drive controllers I ordered from the Nintendo store a month ago finally arrived this week. Excited to finally dive into a few classics on the Switch Online Expansion Pack.

Ruby tells me she’s going hard on Grow: Song of the Evertree at the moment. I have it on good authority this will be her whole weekend. It’s a great little game from Slothful, who made Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles a few years ago.

But that’s just what’s on our docket. What are you jumping into this weekend? Tell us about your gaming plans in the comments below. If you’re in Melbourne and in need of ideas for things to do (its been a minute, its ok, I got you), check out our list of gaming events in the city. Sydney, don’t worry, we’ll have something for you soon too.

And I reckon that’s probably us for the week. Thank you as always for stopping by, and we’ll see you next week.


  • It’s high time for some sailin’ I reckon!
    I completed my 100 levels a while ago but my mates are lazy.

    That or Halo, because Halo.

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