Major Esports Event DreamHack Will Be Hitting Australia In 2022

Major Esports Event DreamHack Will Be Hitting Australia In 2022

For the first time ever, DreamHack Festival is coming to Australia in 2022.

According to a leak from ESL Australia, DreamHack, the immersive gaming lifestyle experience that began in 1994, will be touching down in Melbourne for three days from September 2nd to 4th in 2022. The event, named DreamHack Melbourne, will feature the biggest range of e-sports and gaming content ever seen at an Australian festival, from professional tournaments to on-ground competitions and more.

I got in touch with ESL Australia’s project manager Brad Baldwin to get some extra details, first asking why they decided to bring DreamHack Day to Australia. “What better way is there to announce DreamHack’s expansion into Australia than on DreamHack Day, celebrating when DreamHack was founded over 25 years ago!” He continues, “We’re thrilled to be able to join the global celebration of DreamHack in what will be an exciting return to live events in 2022 throughout the world. We’re committed to honouring the vision of DreamHack in Melbourne, working closely together with our global team to incorporate as much of our festival into the DreamHack universe as possible.”

I also asked what the process of planning the event has been like, to which he replied, “From convincing the multitude of stakeholders that Australia is the next logical step in DreamHack’s global expansion, to finding a suitable weekend in the year to entertain the biggest esport titles, to deciding on what elements of the DreamHack festivals people know and love should make an appearance in Melbourne, there’s a lot that goes into an event of this scale. This event has been years in the making, having involved people from all around the world, and we cannot wait to share this journey with you all and welcome everyone into DreamHack Melbourne in September of 2022.”

Australia’s inclusion in the gaming event world has been a slow and gradual process, with us only getting expos like PAX and RTX within the past ten years. However, this addition of Melbourne as a venue into the massive esports world DreamHack is super exciting and a big step in the right direction for the industry at large.

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