New Cloning Glitch Found In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

New Cloning Glitch Found In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl
No doubt, another patch is incoming. (Screenshot: Osirus Studios/Nintendo/Game Freak/YouTube)

Earlier this month, the Ver. 1.1.2 update was released for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl. It might have fixed the known cloning glitches, but another one has been found.

That’s right, there’s another menu glitch that allows players to clone their Pokémon. The glitch has been confirmed by numerous YouTubers, including Blaines, PanFro Gamers, and Osirus as well as Japanese Twitter users like Kajiyama. Once again, it’s possible to dupe full boxes of Pokémon with items.

Triggering the glitch can seem a little tricky, and it’s necessary to have the Fly ability for this to work. Here are the steps for the latest clone glitch:

1. To get ready, make sure that Fly is in the top right corner of Hidden Moves in your Pokétch. Also, make sure you have a box of Pokémon you want to clone. And save before you start!

2. Get in front of a Pokémon Centre. Any Pokémon Centre is fine.

3. With the Pokétch in the top right of the screen, hit R and A at the same time. It might be necessary to spam this a couple time, but once done correctly, it will take you to the Fly menu.

It’s a good idea to wear headphones while doing this, because even though you’re on the Fly menu, the glitch enables you to hear your Trainer going into the Pokémon Centre.

4. Even though you are in the Fly menu, you need to head down the escalator off-screen in the Pokémon Centre. To do this, press up two times on the D-pad and then go right six times.

5. Then, while still in the Fly menu, you are going to go back up the escalator. Press right once, left five times, and then down two. These movements are being down in the D-pad.

6. At this point, your Trainer is outside the Pokémon Centre, but the screen is still the Fly menu. Then, using the right stick, select any city. This part can freeze your game, so make sure your timing is correct. Select a city, hit A, wait half a second, hit X, and then right after, hit A again. If your timing is wrong, you’ll have to do the whole process all over again.

7. Once in the city, enter a house.

8. In the house, you are ready to do the menu glitch. It’s a good idea to use your left analogue stick, so you don’t accidentally move your Trainer. Also, stay away from NPCs.

9. Go into the box, pick a Pokémon, and press A. Then, hit X, which opens another Menu (the second layer of Menus).

10. From this Menu, go into your Pokémon, and hit R. Then, once the box window appears, hit Y twice and select the entire box. Press A to pick up the selected Pocket Monsters, and then toggle right or left to go to the box for the cloning, which probably should be an empty box. Then, move the cloned Pokémon to the empty box. After this, press B a couple of times to return to the first menu level. Select “Check Summary.” And there you go!

Both walkthroughs by PanFro Gamers and Osirus seem particularly helpful to those hoping to spawn the glitch.

You gotta wonder when Nintendo will patch this — and once they do, if yet another dupe glitch will be discovered.

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