Talk Amongst Yourselves

Talk Amongst Yourselves

Welcome to another Talk Amongst Yourselves, a home for Kotaku Aussie readers to chat about anything and everything. Ask us questions in the comments. Get recommendations on new indie or AAA games! Rant about something at work, or have a whine about Windows updates. Whatever you prefer, drop a comment in here and you’ll find a friend.


  • In between Endwalker’s early access release, finishing off the plumbing and trying to get the Christmas tree done, today has been a very busy day.

  • We’ve complained about it so many times and the only changes they’ve introduced have made it worse, so I think the answer is a resounding ‘No!’.

  • *Facepalm* Ubisoft is adding NFT limited edition cosmetics into Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

    The way they are dispatching the first items to existing players is shockingly bad if you read it as you have to go to a website when they open to be first in to get an item… so thats going to crash and fail.

  • Wow. What did the Icarus devs do to piss you guys off.
    It’s been out since Sunday, and not a single mention.
    In fact it hasn’t been mentioned for three months.
    Maybe it was more an Alex thing.

  • The ads have been getting more and more ridiculous on this site over the last year or so, but now the Endwalker ads are just straight up crashing the browser on my phone. It’s not like it’s an old broken phone, either. An S20 isn’t usually murdered by websites with too much shit on them.

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