Fortnite Brings Back Tilted Towers, Introduces Klombos, And More

Fortnite Brings Back Tilted Towers, Introduces Klombos, And More

Tilted Towers, the sweatest POI in Fortnite history, is back. There’s actually a lot of Fortnite news to get through, so here’s what we’ve got for you!

Tilted Towers confirmed

Image: Epic Games

As previously reported, the Fortnite Twitter account posted a vague tweet that implied the fan-favourite Titled Towers POI would be returning to Fortnite. Today, we saw the ice melt and Tilted Towers was uncovered. From today, players can return to the classic area and fight for their lives. Throwback!

Klombos are here

Image: Epic Games

Bombos? Chombus? Clumbos? No! We got Klombos now!

The Klombos have been added to Fortnite, and they are very large and cute. According to Epic, Klombos can help you out by launching you up in the air if you jump on their blowholes so you can get the hell out of a sticky situation, and they sometimes cough up items too. Of course, they only cough up items if you give them a Klomberry, which can also calm an angry Klombo if you happen to fill the big fella with rage.

Return of the Grenade Launcher

Image: Epic Games

For those Fortnite players that want to tear Tilted Towers down. The Grenade Launcher has returned from the Fortnite vaults with adjustments to its responsiveness. Projectiles now explode after their first bounce and fire more directly at your target. Kaboom!

Real-World Art Show By KAWS Comes To Fortnite

Image: Epic Games

Starting from today until January 26th, Fortnite players can experience a recreation of artist KAWS’ global art project NEW FICTION in-game. The art project opened today in real life at London’s Serpentine North Gallery, and will be the first time that Fortnite has made a real-world art exhibit accessible virtually in the game.

KAWS said of the collaboration, “This is an incredibly exciting project for me. I always like exploring new mediums for my art. The collaboration with Fortnite means everything is coming together in a complex exhibition that takes place in parallel realities. I want to thank the incredible teams at Fortnite and Serpentine.”

Tones And I To Feature In Next Soundwave Series

Image: Epic Games / Giulia McGauran

Following the footsteps of Mohamed Hamaki’s Soundwave Series in October 2021, Australian artist Tones And I has been announced as the next artist to be a part of this Fortnite event. The event will kick off on January 22nd at 10am AEDT and will repeat non-stop for 72 hours.

According to a press release for the event, “Players can enter via the SOUNDWAVE SERIES: TONES AND I tile in Fortnite’s Discover menu (or enter the Island code 4161-9206-0181) this Saturday. The event brings Tones and I’s Cloudy Day Lobby Track and Dance Monkey Emote to the Fortnite Item Shop from Thursday 19 Jan, 11am AEDT.” If you are a Fortnite player and a Tones And I fan, this will be exciting news for you.

And that’s our round-up of Fortnite news for today!


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