Popular Fortnite Map Tilted Towers Could Be Making A Comeback

Popular Fortnite Map Tilted Towers Could Be Making A Comeback

One short tweet is all it takes to get a hype train going.

Many are speculating that Epic Games’ Fortnite will see the return of Tilted Towers, a classic POI that hasn’t been present in the game since 2019. This speculation comes from a tweet posted to the Fortnite Twitter account early this morning.

The tweet, based entirely on the emoji, has many thinking that the beloved Tilted Towers POI may return to the game tomorrow.

Fortnite’s third chapter is well underway. What began with a map largely covered in snow is now becoming something else entirely. The ice and snow covering the island’s interior has been melting, which many believe may be a sign of new (or old) things to come. As reported by TheGamer, fans have noticed that some of the snow-covered areas resemble older areas in the game, notably the Tilted Towers point-of-interest from the game’s Season One map.

Tilted Towers was one of, if not the most, popular drop zone in Fortnite‘s history. Considered extremely sweaty, many loved the destination as a means of getting into a quick fight. Later in Season One, this part of the map was removed and replaced by the futuristic Neo Tilted. It was later changed again in Season X, becoming Tilted Town which had more of an Old West theme. While you get what you get and you don’t get upset, it’s hard to deny that nothing hit quite like Tilted Towers did.

With the hopeful revival of Tilted Towers, fans are excited. Aside from the sweats, the area was beloved for its verticality, with seasoned players able to rack up multiple eliminations in a quick timeframe. It’s clear to see that people are pumped.

In recent Fortnite news, the game has been unavailable on Apple’s App Store for well over a year now due to Epic Games trying to bypass Apple’s payment system. However, starting this week the game will be available on Apple devices via Nvidia’s GeForce Now game streaming program within a closed beta. As for the rest of the devices, Fortnite is available on literally everything. You could probably play it on a BlackBerry.


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