This Is The World’s First Glossy 4K Gaming Monitor

This Is The World’s First Glossy 4K Gaming Monitor
Contributor: Phillip Tracy

Gaming monitors have one thing in common and I don’t mean RGB lighting or fast refresh rates. Here’s a hint: What is a common feature on smartphone, TV, and laptop displays that doesn’t exist yet on a gaming monitor? The answer is a glossy display.

Eve, the startup best known for its V detachable tablet, wants to change that, and officially announced today the “first-ever glossy 4K gaming monitor.” This isn’t an entirely new product, but rather, a version of the Spectrum monitor Eve released last year. The company claims it worked with LG to make changes to the polarizer film — a part of the LCD module — to create a glossy finish that has higher contrast and better clarity than its matte counterparts.

After teasing the product over the past few months, Eve gave an early version to YouTuber Dave2D who said he immediately preferred the look of the glossy panel, calling it “visually, empirically a better experience” and noted that text is significant sharper without the matte diffusion layer. The downside, of course, is that reflections are more visible in brighter lighting conditions.

The glossy coating option will be made available for both the 27-inch, 4K 144hz Spectrum and QHD 280Hz Spectrum models. Other noteworthy specs include HDR600 certification and HDMI 2.1 support.

Image: Dave2D

We haven’t seen the monitor yet so take those claims with a healthy dose of scepticism. And while you’re at it, extend that scepticism to promises Eve makes about getting this monitor — or really any product — in the hands of customers. Eve, a brand that prides itself on crowdsourcing ideas, has time and again failed to meet shipping deadlines, leaving its early backers feeling as if they’d been scammed.

The company’s troubles are documented in an enlightening Engadget report (read this if you’re considering buying an Eve product). Using data from the Eve subreddit, the report found that in mid-2021 at least $US240,000 ($333,168) worth of refunds was still owed for requests submitted in 2019.

The Finnish company Eve-Tech made headlines in the consumer tech world in 2017 when it launched the Eve V, a detachable tablet and one of the first direct rivals to Microsoft’s Surface. The device was generally well-received by critics and customers alike, earning it the title of “Surface killer.” Things were going well until the startup hit production delays and couldn’t keep up with a spike in orders. Some customers waited upwards of a year to receive their orders.

Eve’s next attempt was the Spectrum monitor, but the story here is the same. The product has received critical acclaim but many customers are still waiting for their units to arrive months later.

The company has a new supply chain partner but we still wouldn’t trust them to deliver on time. When exactly it plans to release this glossy panel remains unclear as Eve has only vaguely stated it will “make it happen” and to “stay tuned” for updates. As intriguing as it is, I’d hold off on pre-ordering the Spectrum if/when it becomes available. Who knows, another brand might be ready to mass-produce a glossy 4K gaming monitor by the time Eve sends out its first units.