Forget 4K Gaming, 5K Is Coming

Forget 4K Gaming, 5K Is Coming
Image: LG

Most people are still in the midst of upgrading to a 4K screen, let alone having the hardware to play at the highest settings. But instead of settling for 4K, LG this year will start selling 5K monitors.

Ahead of the annual CES consumer technology show in Las Vegas, LG did what they do every year by unveiling their lineup of screens for the year ahead. And given that the company spent most of 2016 and 2017 selling a string of 4K-capable monitors at various sizes, it makes sense that from this year they’ll start offering 5K screens.

Pictured above, the LG 34WK95U is an ultrawide 5K (5120×2160 to be precise) screen that supports HDR600. That’s presumably a reference to the HDR600 specification announced by VESA in early December for LCD monitors, although LG didn’t specify.

HDR aside, it’ll ship with a Thunderbolt 3 interface that can provide enough charge to power a 60W laptop. It’ll also sport a Nano IPS panel, like the rest of LG’s 2018 monitor lineup. Details on what Nano IPS does are a little sketchy right now, and LG’s site doesn’t mention how the 34WK95U achieves the black levels low enough (0.1 nits maximum, for those keeping score) to earn VESA’s HDR600 qualification, but we’ll undoubtedly hear more about that as CES progresses.

If 34 inches is too big for you, don’t fret – because LG will also ship a 32″ ultrawide monitor with 21:9 aspect ratio, HDR and 5K support. Price and availability hasn’t been announced for either monitor, but expect something comfortably north of $1000. The only 32″ 4K monitor from LG with HDR support is currently selling for around $1400, and it’d be surprising if 5K monitors starting selling for less than that.


  • Most people are still in the midst of upgrading to a 4K screen.Most people wouldn’t know the difference between 1080 and 4K and aren’t in the midst of upgrading, or even thinking of upgrading.

    • I’m happy with 1080… Mainly because of lack of content at the moment but it won’t be long before that statement reads correct. The other reason is I have kids… This is why i cant have nice things but I most certainly am a stickler for good picture so one of these days…. Ahhh a man can dream

      • Mainly because of lack of content at the moment

        For me it’s reading text, etc. that really gets my desire up for higher res. I have a 1440p screen and the pixel density is too low – text is clearly pixelated. I actually find it easier to read smaller text on my phone screen, than I do larger text on my monitor.

        Not just that, but more real-estate for loading up things side-by-side, which always doing.

    • Ye this… especially since I switched to a 144hz monitor a couple of years back and no fucken way am I going back to 60hz – I already need a rig upgrade to get the latest games running at 80+ fps at 1080p. I won’t be considering a 4k screen for several years. Next monitor MAAAYBE 2k though, if I can get one with decent colour and a high refresh rate that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  • As someone with a 1080ti, 8700k and a rog 34inch monitor which is 3440×1440, you’ll need one heck of a beast to power things on max graphics on that monitor. My rig struggles still with some games. Annoying how monitors are slowly inching away from GPU power because Nvidia just releases incremental upgrades. AMD need to step it up in the next coming years.

    • The alternative for these resolutions is running games at half res (when possible / needed). Sure it won’t look as sharp, but 1080p – 1440p doesn’t look that bad in games really.

      For me, it’s desktop usage where I really want the sharp detail; text in particular, makes it much easier to read in my opinion. I find it easier to read smaller text on my phone than larger text on my monitor.

      • oh, I forgot to add; I say half res because then the pixels are just doubled, rather than some weird off spec scaling that adds artifacts.

  • Yeah because incremental upgrades in tech totally aren’t a thing hey….. Doing nothing is not a viable way to remain employed by company X. Making an iterative improvement to an existing product keeps the stupid execs of company X off your back for another year.

  • by the rationale of this article larger HDD’s being available means

    “Gaming with HUGE local data requirements is just around the corner!”
    -follows with HDD article-

    big monitors don’t equal high res gaming – show me the beast driving said monitor tyvm

  • Forget that, all I want is a decent 1440 38″ ultrawide before I upgrade, 34″ doesn’t cut it, and it’ll be a couple years yet before we have single gpu’s capable of playing at 4k with no compromise.

  • I really don’t understand how a bigger res can make things better for PC gaming. And, realistically, to see any kind of improvement over 4K TVs, you would have to end up getting a TV the size of you’re biggest wall. There is no point to 4K unless your monitor is a 40+ inch TV, and the same will be true for every extra K +10 Inch on to the TV screen. So, that means that you would need a 50inch to get any benefit form 5K and so on.

    • Ive had a 4k monitor for the last 5 years.
      At that res theres options you just dont need anymore as dpi is awsome anyways.
      A gtx 1070oc works fine or 2 strix’s in my case.

      Looking at 1080p for me its blurry as fuck, graphics are shit & my fps in most games on 4k sits above 90fps-120+ fps or sometimes i just limit it to that.

  • To drive 4k reliably you need a 1080ti, I have put a order down for one this week for $1047AUD, THAT’S pretty high price to pay.

    NOW I’m not saying you can’t play with less, I survived with a FuryX for quite a while, but it wasn’t a very smooth and enjoyable experience for allot of games, even skyrimSE will bring the furyX to its knees at 4k and a few texture mods on….

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