Stardew Valley Creator ConcernedApe Says He’ll Be Self Publishing From Now On

Stardew Valley Creator ConcernedApe Says He’ll Be Self Publishing From Now On
Image: ConcernedApe

Behold, one of the busiest men in the industry, ConcernedApe.

While many are eagerly watching on for more progress on his new Haunted Chocolatier game, ConcernedApe announced this morning that he will be independently publishing Stardew Valley onto Android devices, as well as any future renditions of the game on other platforms.

In answering questions from this tweet, much has been revealed. In terms of his decision to return to self-publishing, ConcernedApe states that “the complicated part has more to do with certain legal/business issues which stalled the update at first”. He goes on to say that a “new party” has been working on it, but that progress has been “a lot slower than expected”. This has resulted in the developer taking the reins. In terms of why he explains that he’s “wanted to self publish for a long time”.

When asked about what this will mean for players, ConcernedApe has said, “Basically, nothing”. He elaborates that it means he’s “fully in charge of the game on Android, including the store page and business decisions”, explaining that in the past he would develop the game and updates for PC and then hand it off to the publisher for the rest.

Based on these answers, it seems like working with a publisher just isn’t a viable option for the developer anymore. Judging by what we’ve seen from ConcernedApe in the past with his work, he very much seems like somebody that prefers to work alone (sometimes to his detriment), but it’s good to see an indie developer wanting to take his work back into his own power.

ConcernedApe also answered some more questions about his upcoming title Haunted Chocolatier. When asked when players can expect more news on the new game, the developer said, “Hopefully soon,” but explained that he would prefer to finish up the 1.5 update for Stardew Valley on mobile before continuing with Haunted Chocolatier updates. However, he has hinted that we may see connections to Stardew Valley in the new game. Whether or not he’ll be working with a publisher to release Haunted Chocolatier has not been confirmed as of writing.

We here at Kotaku Australia love his work but also hope that ConcernedApe doesn’t push himself too hard. We’ve all read Blood, Sweat, And Pixels.

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