I Can’t Stop Watching Kirby Admire His Amiibo Collection

I Can’t Stop Watching Kirby Admire His Amiibo Collection
Image: Ruby Innes / Kotaku Australia

Guys, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is coming this week, and every little tiny morsel of news about it is hyping me up even more.

I feel like it needs repeating, but yes, Kirby and the Forgotten Land comes out this Friday. Our rotund friend’s first full foray into the open world genre is almost here. I’m excited, you might be excited, and Nintendo is clearly excited too.

Similarly to Super Smash Bros (really feeling the Sakurai influence here), you can collect trophies in Kirby and the Forgotten Land through gameplay. You can view these trophies close up and in a full 360-degree model viewer mode. The difference between this and Smash Bros, however, is that you’re not the only one looking at your trophies.


As shown in the video, you are looking at your nice Kirby statue. Kirby is also looking at the nice Kirby statue. You are looking at Kirby looking at the Kirby statue. Kirby, maybe, is looking at you, looking at the Kirby statue. This begs the question, do we really control Kirby? Does he know that we’re here, beyond the screen? Is there more power in Kirby than we previously thought, with the plush, friend-shaped orb attaining full, real-world self-awareness?


Of course, with every mention of Kirby comes the Kirby memes.

This is obviously very cute. If this is gameplay, it’s simple yet perfect. An aspect of the game that holds no weight whatsoever, but still has value in its goofiness. I don’t know about you guys, but I think I’m going to end up looking at these statues while also seeing what my good friend Kirby thinks about the statue that I am looking at.

This week is a huge week for game releases, but Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the shining star in my eyes. Sure, Elden Ring is massively successful and looks like it’s going to be Game of the Year. On the other hand, Kirby and the Forgotten Land WILL be the first game to sell one sextillion copies.


  • Im imagining Kirby sitting there looking at the amiibo going “Yes my child, one day you will grow big and stronk”

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