Speedrunner Beats Elden Ring In Just Under An Hour

Speedrunner Beats Elden Ring In Just Under An Hour
Screenshot: LilAggy

Holy shit.

We were already pretty blown away by YouTuber niko bellic’s Elden Ring speed run, which he completed in about two hours without dying once. That’s real talent right there.

Of course, we’re seeing another talented gamer come out and get a crazy record in the game.

LilAggy is a notorious Souls game speedrunner, holding high placements on speedrun.com in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Demon Souls. Spotted by TheLoadout, it looks like he’s broken another record, this time in the newest game from FromSoftware.

In a whopping 14-hour stream, LilAggy managed to do all kinds of wild skips to complete the game in an incredible 59 minutes and 38 seconds. You can watch the full run below.

Knowing the speedrunning community, I’m sure many are chomping at the bit to beat this record, but so far that’s the fastest (recorded) Elden Ring speed run we’ve got. Pretty insane for a game with a 50+ hour storyline.

People are doing all kinds of creative things to make their way through Elden Ring, which is such a joy to watch. Just yesterday we saw James Daly beat the Mimic Tear boss with ease. His secret? The Mimic Tear mimics you but not your changes to equipment in-battle, so simply show up to the battle fully naked, with all your bits out, and then quickly put all your armour back on. Genius.

Elden Ring is already a smash hit with the gaming world. I mean, not only is it all anybody can talk about, but reviews are pretty much solely positive. According to Metacritic, it’s the best PlayStation 5 game of 2022, which is a big call considering it’s only March.


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