How Much Does The Valve Steam Deck Cost In Australia?

How Much Does The Valve Steam Deck Cost In Australia?

With the Steam Deck now available in North America, the lingering question for Australian punters is a simple one: What is the price of the Steam Deck in Australia?

Unfortunately, dear reader, we still don’t currently know.

What price options are available for Steam Deck?

While there is US pricing for all three models, the Steam Deck has no confirmed Australian price at this time. The reason for is this is that Valve currently has no confirmed release date for the Steam Deck in Australia. The system will launch in four territories — the US, Canada, UK, and EU — and Valve will consider a wider launch from there.

Steam Deck Prices

  • 64GB version: US$399
  • 256GB version: US$529 512GB version: US$649

Is there anything we can glean from the US Steam Deck pricing? As Australian gamers know, the value of the Aussie dollar means you should always set your pricing expectations higher than what the US will be paying. Hazarding a guess, we’d say Australians can expect to pay between $100-300 more than the US price, depending on the model. We’d advise budgeting for around A$500 for the 64GB, $800 for the 256GB, and if that 512GB model comes in under A$999, we’ll be pretty surprised. The actual price could be higher than these estimates, but we doubt it’ll be lower.

Where to buy Steam Deck in Australia?

Of course, before we can worry about the price of the Steam Deck, there has to be somewhere you can buy it.

There’s currently no guarantee that this first iteration of the Steam Deck hardware will ever launch in Australia. Valve is already talking about creating a second iteration of the console. This creates a real possibility that we could miss out on the first entirely.

Valve hasn’t formally announced any local retail partners for the Steam Deck in Australia. Based on previous devices like the Vive, the Valve Index and the Steam Controller, it’s safe to assume that (if an Australian release date ever materialises) Valve will re-partner with EB Games. We’ll update this piece if Valve ever formally unveils its local stockists.

For now, the path to securing a Steam Deck in Australia is a long and winding one. We put together a piece on how to secure a US model right here.

For everything we currently know about securing a Steam Deck in Australia, check out our full explainer page right here.


  • Did you really need to stoop so low like those clickbait websites that don’t answer the question? You’re better than this David.

    • Heh, I thought the same thing

      How much is it? “Unfortunately, dear reader, we don’t currently know”

      At least he was honest and quick, not like those 10 minute plus long YouTube videos where their answer is a padded speculation

      • To give a little clarity around this piece: yes, it’s an SEO item, one of a few we’ll be sprinkling across the site over the next week or so around the Steam Deck. So at the baseline level, yep, they drive outside traffic and help us keep the lights on. But I also want it to be genuinely informational. There’s a lot of Aussies trying to get information on the local launch, and we just don’t have that much to go on yet so I’ve built the piece around that. Clear terms: we don’t know that much yet, and if you’ve been struggling to find info, that’s precisely why.

        We also intend to update the piece as new info comes in. Don’t worry, we consider items like this to be living documents. The moment Valve confirms local pricing and exactly who its preferred stockists are in Aus, we’ll update this piece to reflect that and re-time it to make sure readers who want one are across it.

    • I know more now than I did before reading it, and he did answer the question… for the US version, the title didn’t promise anything different and it does help. Put down your pitch fork angry guy.

      • The title did promise something different. The title is not “How Much Does The Valve Steam Deck Cost In the US?” The title is “How Much Does The Valve Steam Deck Cost In Australia?”

    • It’s done for SEO.

      1) To bring more traffic to the site by claiming to answer a question no-one has an answer to.

      2) To get this URL indexed in Google for when they do have an answer.

      Seeing this done a lot across the Pedestrian Group websites lately, creating and maintaining these ‘almost evergreen’ pages. Same thing for PS5 drops, upcoming movies & TV shows, etc.

      To be honest, it’s not a dumb move SEO wise, but still not nice for users expecting to find answers.

  • As expected there’s really just no reason to get these. The price points are too high for what is just going to be a jank PC.

    Anyone serious about gaming is going to go for the more expensive options – at which point… don’t you already have a PC?

    Anyone going for the entry level will have a better time just buying a switch and getting access to the swarth of casual entries that suit that device.

    • You really think these are expensive? When a crappy 6500XT or 1650 will set you back almost the same price now.

      Valve will sell these like hot cakes and people will have to wait a year for back orders.

      • I think they are waaaaaay overpriced. Anything worth buying needs storage unless you’re going to pay extra for card storage. So the base model is almost pointless. At anywhere between $800 to over $1000au for the other 2 models is rediculous for a portable device.

    • Will the performance be incredible? No, but what you’re really paying for is the form factor – the performance for the size, the screen and the controls are what makes this a super compelling device, and the value proposition for the amount of games it can play is really good in my eyes, especially alongside the amount of PC games a lot of people already have that will work really well. As an emulation machine it’ll be amazing. I’m still not buying one, but if I didn’t have a switch and a little linux based emulation portable I’d be looking very, very closely at them if there was an AU release.

    • The sell is that it’s portable access to your Steam library, no further purchases required.

      I am not convinced, however, that there’s a use-case beyond a subset of existing Steam game collectors. It’s hard to imagine many people who don’t already have a substantial game collection on Steam buying in.

      Steam Deck is not just competing with Switch, it’s also competing with phones and tablets in the small size-factor space, and Android and iOS games can be had for pennies.

    • Your completely missing the point of these things. I have a perfectly good gaming PC. That isn’t going to change (Though I might eventually move across to a gaming laptop). I want one of these for the hour and a half of busses I catch each day too and from work. Mostly I just read books or stare at the phone, but it’d be spectacular to be able to just load up something like one of the 4x games, or even a decent RPG and zone out to those on the louy ride to work in the morning.

  • Waiting on AUS release. But will be a definite purchase.

    I mostly use my switch for PC ports, now I won’t have to buy them twice or wait for the port!

  • There’s five minutes of my life gone. Nothing like a story that’s not a story to gain a few clicks at the cost of long-term readership.

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