Stephen Colbert Returns To Critical Role For Second Charity One-Shot

Stephen Colbert Returns To Critical Role For Second Charity One-Shot

Stephen Colbert will return to Critical Role for a brand new D&D one-shot. The Late Show host will make his second Critical Role appearance in a special one-shot episode, raising money for Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day is a charity drive that fights child poverty around the world.

The one-shot’s title is Choose Stephen Colbert’s Adventure … Again. CR game master Matt Mercer will run the game. Colbert will be joined at the table by several key Critical Role cast members. Donors get to choose how the adventure will unfold.

At the time of writing, the fundraiser is just $5,000 short of its US$50,000 goal, though donations can still be made after the initial funding drive closes. Upon donating, fans will be prompted to respond to a poll question. Winning answers will influence the adventure Colbert and the CR cast will undertake. There are a few poll questions to choose from — would you prefer to give Colbert a magical item? A useful spell? What do you think his familiar should be? You can answer one poll question per donation.

Choose Stephen Colbert’s Adventure … Again will air on Critical Role‘s Twitch channel in Australia on April 29 at 12 pm AEDT. It will then be uploaded to YouTube following the broadcast.

The last time Critical Role collaborated with Colbert was on Stephen’s One Shot, also supporting Red Nose Day. It was a one-on-one game between Mercer and Colbert held at The Late Show‘s home in New York’s Ed Sullivan Theatre. Mercer stated at the time that running a game for Colbert was a dream come true. For many years, when asked to name his dream Critical Role guest, Mercer would immediately pick Colbert.

For Colbert, it was a return to his youth spent playing D&D with friends. Colbert is famous for being a fan of high fantasy, and the work of J.R.R. Tolkien in particular. The look of joy that spreads across Colbert’s face as Mercer begins the game is a testament to the transportive power of the TTRPG experience.

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