Snacktaku: 20 Years Later, Doritos 3D Are Back On Australian Shelves

Snacktaku: 20 Years Later, Doritos 3D Are Back On Australian Shelves

It took 20 years, but Doritos is finally bringing its 3D Crunch chips back to Australia.

If you’ve never heard of them, Doritos 3D Crunch chips were a staple of Australian school kids in the ’90s. They’re similar to your standard triangular Dorito chip but are puffy and hollow, which gives them a different texture. Local Dorito enjoyers, like Leah, have been busily harassing local distributor Smith’s (itself owned by PepsiCo) for their official return ever since. After all these years, they’ve finally got their way.

The chips will return to Woolworths, Coles, and other independent supermarkets this week. You’ll be able to grab them in three flavours: Extreme Cheese, Spicy Salsa, and Sweet Chilli. The Sweet Chili flavour will be exclusive to Woolworths.

We’re going to head to the shops later and see if we can get a packet for a proper Snacktaku review. We’ll update this piece if we’re able to get them.

Doritos 3D returned to the US in 2020, which raised the hopes of many Australian fans that they would find their way here. They didn’t, at least not right away. There were ways to get hold of them if you absolutely had to have them, but importing snacks from overseas can be an expensive prospect. Now, at last, they’re back on Australian shelves. Are they here to stay? Probably not. Though the press release makes no mention of Doritos 3D being a limited-time return, it feels like something that will gradually disappear from our lives once more.

As a final note: they do not, regrettably, contain Tazos. I know. Brutal. What is a packet of chips without something to collect?

Anyway, congratulations, Doritos 3D fans. You won. Enjoy them while they last.

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