Sega Updated The Sonic Origins DLC Chart And Guess What? It’s Still Bad

Sega Updated The Sonic Origins DLC Chart And Guess What? It’s Still Bad
Image: SEGA

I don’t know about you guys, but when a game is scheduled for release with DLC and a deluxe edition from the get-go, I prefer the explanation for what’s in said DLC and deluxe edition to be as confusing and indirect as possible.

As reported previouslySonic Origins is an upcoming collection of four classic Sonic the Hedgehog games (Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD) for all modern consoles. The collection is coming out on June 23, and isn’t really a remaster or a remake of these titles, but rather just tidied up versions of the originals.

While this is all well and good, what really got people scratching their heads, like Kotaku‘s own Luke Plunkett, was the chart released by SEGA that outlines what will be included in the base game, DLCs, and digital deluxe edition.

sonic origins dlc
Image: SEGA

When I first looked at this, it gave me a migraine. I took a step back from the computer, lay down in bed, and thought about it. What does it mean? What’s going on? What is happening right now? Am I dead?

Luckily, Twitter user LJ made a more simplified chart that makes a bit more sense. It doesn’t outline what’s included in the DLC, but is definitely more straightforward.

This hurts a little less to look at. How nice. Following everyone collectively going, ‘Hey Sonic, what is going on here on this day?’, PC Gamer reported that SEGA very quietly updated their chart to make a little more sense to the average smooth-brained individual like myself.

sonic origins dlc
Image: SEGA

Okay, cool. That makes more sense. Now I feel a bit more prepared to goof on it.

The Start Dash Pack will be a free DLC that comes with all preorders of the Standard and Deluxe Editions of Sonic Origins. It comes with 100 coins, Mirror Mode, and a letterbox background. Presumably, the coins will be the in-game currency to unlock things, and Mirror Mode seems like it will either only be available for preorder customers forever OR will most likely be made available further down the line with in-game purchases.

That’s fine, I guess. Whatever. However, it’s the Premium Fun Pack that’s got me in Goofy Goober Mode. Paid DLC that lets you control a camera in the main menu and watch characters move around in that same main menu? Incredible. Show-stopping. Wow!

Based on the chart, it seems like more than anything, the Deluxe version of the game works as a Game of the Year Edition almost. It includes the base game as well as everything included in the DLC, and is apparently only $5 more. Nevertheless, a lot of stuff listed here behind a paid DLC really just stinks of content that would normally just be in a game.

As Plunko aptly put it, ‘it’s deeply funny to me’. This is true, it is funny. Silly, you could say. So silly in fact, that it’s worrying.

Is this the future of gaming? Are games going to be so barebones that companies will literally ask shmucks to shell out Fun Bucks to have a little fella do a dance on the menu screen or some shit? It seems like heaps of gaming companies nowadays are looking for the next stupid way to squeeze a dime out of people, so it’s no surprise we’re seeing DLC that includes the exciting opportunity to move a camera around a menu screen. The girls are stressed, clearly.

In saying that, I’ve decided that it’s only fitting that we offer the Super Mega Ultra Fun Pack for Kotaku Australia. For a small fee of $99.99 a day, you can scroll down our page, click on links, think about a video game, and even comment on one article a year! Plus, if you get in early, we’ll even throw in a picture of a dog sitting at a computer! You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, folks! (Editor’s note: We’re not actually doing this, don’t come for us — David)


  • Horse Armor started the whole thing, but when it came to unlockable content being cut, I’d put it on Arc System Works for cutting things like announcer voices and character recolours and making them DLC, which were then followed up by Atlus doing similar with demon summons, unlockable battles and events.

  • It’s funny because they were just harping on about NFT’s being the future of gaming and then they drop this out of touch mess.

  • No it’s not Ruby Sonic Origins DLC is not still bad and Sonic Frontiers is still a long ways away.
    You’re either not pay attention to what news you’re uploading or your an absolute lunatic.
    Get over yourself Ruby and don’t say Sonic Origins DLC is still bad you little moron.

    • Jesus Christ man, don’t be so rude and nasty.
      You’re entitled to your opinion, but wow, abuse and name calling is just not on.

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