The Elusive Last Of Us Remake For PS5 Might Release This Year

The Elusive Last Of Us Remake For PS5 Might Release This Year

The rumour mill is running pretty strong, and this time it’s spitting out some news on that Last of Us remake for PlayStation 5 that we’ve only heard whispers about.

You might remember from early last year that Bloomberg reported on potential plans by Naughty Dog for a PlayStation 5 remake of The Last of UsSony never confirmed (or denied) the news of a remake, but the news has been somewhat dry since then, albeit a few comments here and there.

However, we’ve now got a new bit of information to suckle on for the time being while we wait for the full bottle of goat’s milk.

According to VGC, the mystical Last of Us remake could be coming in this very year of 2022. This report comes from the Kinda Funny Gamescast, where GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb claims, “I keep hearing that’s coming out this year,” continuing to clarify, “The Last of Us remake this holiday.” He continues on to say that he’s “pretty confident” about this claim.

The claim of The Last of Us remake coming this year is also boosted by a comment from insider Tom Henderson, who tweeted this in early January.

This is backed up even more by yet another report from VGC, which spotted a LinkedIn profile for a QA tester on an “unannounced remake project” at Naughty Dog. They also note that the QA tester’s job description was edited to remove this line. Very interesting!

In terms of what we could expect, Pocket-lint suggests that the Last of Us remake will “apparently update the first title into the engine used by [Last of Us] Part II, and be far more of an upgrade than the Remastered version that came out for PS4 a few years ago.”

While that tidbit makes an argument for why they’re making it, there’s always the age-old question of ‘Why? Why do we need this?’. That being said, despite The Last of Us Remastered already looking quite nice, it would be neat to see the first game function in the same engine as the second.

What do you think? Are you keen for a Last of Us remake for the PlayStation 5? Or are you just fine with the remaster for the PlayStation 4? Let us know!

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