Internet Strongly Approves Of Woman Filming My Chemical Romance Concert On A Nintendo DS

Internet Strongly Approves Of Woman Filming My Chemical Romance Concert On A Nintendo DS
Image: Sony Pictures

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bother writing a piece on something like this. But it’s Friday afternoon, and I want to, so I am.

The recent run of My Chemical Romance shows in the US has put many a Millennial emo kid squarely back in their feelings.

For many attending these concerts, the band’s first since formally breaking up in 2013, the experience has been a kind of spiritual homecoming. For others, a reward for surviving a bruising two years of Covid restrictions. But for a few, a special few, it’s been an excuse to turn the clock back a decade.

Take this woman, for instance, spotted holding a Nintendo DS at (I’m pretty sure) the band’s May 17th concert at Eden Project in Cornwall.

This woman has taken up live concert photography at a My Chemical Romance show using a Nintendo DS XL. I mean, if the music is going to teleport you back to 2009, you should probably have the hardware to match. I can’t imagine the pictures are terribly good, but it is nevertheless a big brain, god-tier move. I simply cannot fault her logic. In fact, I’m inspired. I want to see more of it. I’m filming the next Living End show I go to on a Nokia 7610.

I am sure this will not endear her, or me, to the Gen Z readers of this page. It is, without a doubt, the deeply uncool move of someone well into their Fun Parent era. The pop culture zeitgeist has left us behind, but it has also left us with the tools to reconstruct our moment in the sun.

God bless you, mystery My Chemical Romance concert enjoyer with her Nintendo DS, whoever you are. I truly hope you enjoyed the show.

MCR is currently touring the UK and Ireland.


  • Huh, I’m surprised Kotaku didn’t point out her race, I thought it was a requirement now to encourage viewing people based on that by aggressively pointing it out, rather than simply who they are or what they’ve done as a fellow human

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