Reddit User Accidentally Loses Rare Alpha Build Of Metal Gear Solid V

Reddit User Accidentally Loses Rare Alpha Build Of Metal Gear Solid V

The misguided actions of a guy who didn’t know what he really had as a teenager has led to the Metal Gear Solid community having their dreams crushed.

Over the course of a day, a man on Reddit posted his unfortunate L, got respectfully (and disrespectfully) roasted, deleted his thread, and deleted his account. It’s sad to see, as he simply had no idea what he had done, but to those with the know-how he lost it all. That ‘all’ being an alpha build of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a pretty widely-loved game, boasting high ratings and reviews all around. It’s one of those Kojima games that people are constantly talking about to this day. Since it’s release, there’s been whispers of an alleged ‘Chapter 3‘ in the game, with a title card for the chapter being found through a data leak. Thought to be removed from the game before release, it’s something that fans have been trying to find for years with little luck.

However, one Reddit user may have had access to the elusive third chapter, as well as other removed content. Unfortunately, the only news we have is bad news.

As mentioned by the Reddit user Tezla55, who managed to seal this moment in time, the Reddit user (who will remain nameless as he has deleted his account and has probably gotten enough dunks) once owned a PlayStation 3 test kit. The kit in question had an alpha build of Metal Gear Solid V. Sadly, the console was on its way out so the user backed up the HDD and sold the test kit.

The only thing is, the HDD is heavily encrypted and was rendered basically useless without the test kit, meaning that the sweet sweet data is pretty much unattainable.

Luckily, Twitter user HikikomoriMedia managed to save two of the screenshots posted on the original thread, as well as another Reddit user saving the third one, which are shown below.

Image: Konami
Image: Konami
Image: Konami

As we can see in that last screenshot, it looks like there’s an extra mission in Chapter 1, as ‘Skull Face’ officially is the 30th mission, yet this build lists it as the 31st mission.

If the original user ever manages to retrieve the PlayStation 3 test kit that he claims to have sold on eBay, which is also unlikely considering he also claims that he deleted his eBay account, we might one day see just what this alpha build of Metal Gear Solid V has to offer.

But for now, we’re left with a stinker of a past decision by a poor fella who’s probably kicking himself over it right now, and a whole lot of Metal Gear Solid fans severely disappointed.

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