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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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  • What a week for me lol.

    Turned 30 which i absolutely hate. I wanna be sub 29 forever and my dad caught COVID.

    Discovered an amazing show on netflix though thanks to ruby. Old Enough on netflix. Highly reccomend to anyone. Guaranteed to give you anime Sugoi face.

        • ~Hello darkness my old friend~

          It’s not that bad, there’s plenty to look forward to.
          A sudden increase in weather interest and knowledge, socks and sandals magically become acceptable, unplanned naps can happen suddenly, all your favourite music moves to GOLD FM, you can’t start saying “when I was young” outside of jokes, dinner at 5pm, you start becoming suspicious of any persons you see near or around your property (especially kids), yogurt becomes functional rather than about flavour, you get to make room in the fridge for your medicines, people on the radio and TV news start making sense, a dislike of lights left on in rooms not being used, a range of different sounds when sitting or standing.
          The best part is what suddenly becomes cool like socks and sandals, vests of all kinds, measuring rain, insurance paperwork, supermarket music, 4WD ownership, reading bills etc.

          • Gardening. You forgot to mention that you inevitably acquire as newfound interest in gardening, even if you don’t have a yard.

  • Imma be a massive weeb and discuss some animu here.

    So the new anime season is starting, and I’ve started watching what’s available. Shield Hero season two is off to a good start.
    After watching Dress-up Darling, I’m enjoying Aharen-sama no Hakanarai. It’s about a very odd couple of students in high school. One is a large unfriendly appearing man and the other is a small student who doesn’t seem to understand boundaries. It appears to be another Romcom, and I’m already enjoying the one episode I’ve seen. Aharen airs on Saturdays on Crunchyroll

    • Ha, bloody weeb!

      Who watches things like Shield Hero?! And……where would one even start watching that and how many episodes in the first season?
      I don’t want to know, I’m just curious how far gone you are, it’s not like I’m planning to watch Kotaro Lives Alone on Netflix or anything.

      • Pretty far gone. I’ve watched some damn trash and still enjoyed it. =P
        I’ve watched all of Shield hero that is available. Time to find out what I’m gonna watch this morning.

        • guess I’m going to have to add that now.
          Also, I ended up watching Don’t hurt me, my healer. Hard Pass. The healer is just obnoxious and annoying. Supporting cast is great, but I just can’t get over how annoying Carla is.

    • Oh heck, I haven’t thought about that place in years. I think I even wrote a review for them once… Wild. That would have been what.. circa 2005?

      • Yep, it was active over the original Xbox/Xbox 360 period. Feels like a lifetime ago now hey. It’s funny how we can track stages of life across consolte/gaming generations.

        • For sure. That was also formative years in online forums for me. Xbox World Australia and AnimeSuki forums are the few that I can recall from that time.

  • I was going to start playing the kirby demo (until I can afford to buy it), but I had $15 on my ninty account from christmas, so I ended up buying picross s6 and playing that instead. >_>

    • While I am of the opinion that everybody should play Kirby, I can’t deny that Picross goes hard as hell.

      • I am such a sucker for picross. Except mega picross. I hate that. I would do it if it had different images, but it’s just the same! What’s even the point?! >=(

  • Finally finished Endwalker. Absolutely 10/10 expansion. Easily surpasses Shadowbringers. Now to do 6.1, level the rest of my classes and play some PvP

  • Can we please have a US Article tag? =P

    Was ready to be engrossed on a certain Bloodborne article as it seemed like it was going to be an interesting alternate view on the “horror” of Bloodorne.. and the it turn to a political article after the (really well written) set-up at the start…

    At least I have a fair warning the article has chance to devolve into something I dont want to read if I dont recognise the writer =P

    • This is a request we get a lot, and we 100% understand why. However, for many complicated reasons related to our agreement on content syndication, it’s not possible right now. We’ll keep pushing for it.

      • You’re pushing for the ability for right wing snowflakes to screen for content that might make them uncomfortable? Not that the article titles are usually any mystery. And yet here they all still are, clicking through and ranting endlessly in comment sections regardless.

        Sheesh, we already have the rest of society bending over backwards to accommodate white fragility. And these are the same guys who constantly whine about trigger warnings, safe spaces and cancel culture? It blows the mind.

        Dude, for most of us that’s the content we’re here for. If it wasn’t for prominent US articles you may as well just rename your website Aussie Gamer Network, or something equally as naff, because it sure as hell wouldn’t be Kotaku anymore.

        • Now that I’m back from a short blast of birthday leave, I wanted to respond to this (though it’s hard to know what to say now that you’ve stuffed so many words into my mouth, Angora. Bummer to know you expect the absolute worst of me as a default though, cheers).

          I was responding directly to the request for a US tag, not necessarily rock’s stated use for it. What our data, feedback, and comments section tell us is that a US tag would be useful to most of our Australian and American readers to more clearly delineate between AU content and the refeed, as many readers still confuse us with Kotaku Prime. Because of that utility, and its usefulness to our readers, most of whom are not in any way the people you’ve described, we’ll continue to push for it.

          Hope that clarifies things.

          • I presume that the feedback you have been receiving has nothing whatsoever to do with your comments sections then, because if that’s what we’re talking about then the demand has precisely and explicitly and repeatedly been for to stop publishing US content entirely because it’s far, far too ‘woke’ for the usual prolifically posting suspects.

            And look, *I* don’t expect the absolute worst of you. Sheesh, it ain’t personal dude. If I’m defensive about this website it’s because I have a decade of experience watching the same regular commentators denigrate US-content over and over again at every opportunity, including in OP’s entirely typical and representative post.

            Honestly, I’m a daily reader and I have no idea what you’re talking about regarding confusion with “Kotaku Prime”. Perhaps you just mean the original US website? That’s the one that for most of my time commenting here I have had to both VPN into and ALSO incognito my browser to avoid a forced redirect back?

            Once upon a time the US and UK and AU ran on more or less the same ecosystem. It was a system that was explicitly designed to make every local host feel as if it were the primary. Weirdly, I have indeed noticed that sometime after the UK died forced redirects back to .au stopped as well. Not sure what’s happening there, but you’re right, if you are concerned about being confused with the .US site then that’s only because until quite recently that’s explicitly been the deal with Pedestrian’s franchise arrangement. That and, you know, you still call yourself Kotaku.

            I get that you’re newish around here and everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. None of that, however, changes any point I made. Either this website is proudly Kotaku, in which it prominently promotes the US social justice content, or it’s just another computer game website with a couple of Aussie staff. So yeah, it does clarify things, I think. I think you’re telling me that if I’m primarily here for the US content then I should be dropping the .au from my bookmarks?

          • What I’m saying is that the requests repeated in these comments for less ‘woke’ content from the US (or less ‘woke’ content in general) does not tally with our behind-the scenes data and feedback at all. I assure you, the five to ten commenters that always show up to complain on those articles are massively, hilariously outweighed by a silent majority of readers that ARE interested and who never comment at all. If your fear is that this site will become any any less Kotaku in spirit than the US, don’t worry. That isn’t going to change. Appreciate your passion, Angora, I might have misread your firey response and, if so, that’s on me.

        • Look.. since you’ve unnecessarily been narky to David and I seem to have been responsible for that with my request let me make this clear.

          1) The Bloodborne article seemed like it was going to discuss horror and the like in context to “today” which was exactly what the title said “Bloodborne is scarier today in 2022”. It was obviously a feminist theory article and I was more than up for that and I kept reading about 2/3rd into the article so I thoroughly knew what the discussion was going to be about. The problem was on the last 3rd it was less a discussion on “horror” and more the political movement in US about “right to choice” which is fine. However as an aussie that was first expecting a discussion on horror + feminist theory AND someone with no horse in the US political race the article veered into irrelevancy with the expectations I had for it. Had it been a US article I would have felt less “jebaited” (for a lack of better word) when it started talking about US politics since that’s to be expected for Kotaku US articles anyway.

          2) We are still an Aussie website. I’m fairly sure a lot of us still come here for Aussie related content with US on the side as well (otherwise why not just go to Kotaku US?) so I don’t get the massive pushback for having a US and Aus tag. Kotaku UK back when it was around had tags if not the standard disclaimer/tag line at beginning of the article so you knew the article was from UK and the articles were all in the same vein as US but with a UK take. It’s not as if Aus articles don’t deal with politics and the like as well either Ruby has done a great amount of banger articles about the same topics you’ve mentioned and I had no qualms about those since they were more holistic and/or aussie PoV which is more relevant to me as a reader.

  • I’m so tempted to get a Tartarus V2. My right hand has been playing up a bit and the tartarus would allow me to move it to my left. But $154? D=

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