The RodeCaster Pro 2 Looks Like The Streamer’s New Best Friend

The RodeCaster Pro 2 Looks Like The Streamer’s New Best Friend

Yes, audiophiles, you read that headline correctly. There’s a RodeCaster Pro 2.

Aussie audio maker Rode has announced an updated version of its popular RodeCaster Pro hardware. The RodeCaster Pro 2 is a portable, all-in-one mixing desk. The original was popular for its fluid combination of mixing tools, and its input and program versatility. With the second iteration, Rode has doubled down on this. Not only is the RØDECaster Pro 2 built on more powerful hardware, but it also appears to significantly up the ante on customisation.

The original device was always popular among podcasters because its learning curve was fairly flat and the results were high quality. Rode now wants to expand that audience and seems to have Twitch streamers squarely in its sights. Beyond its numerous channels and inputs, the RodeCaster Pro 2 also features a raft of new effects and customisable pads. RØDE is boasting that the new device contains a quadcore processor to keep it nimble, and a new set of Revolution preamps. The Channel pads now have pages so that you can bind different settings, sounds, alerts, or presets to a button and find them quickly. There’s onboard storage to keep you from losing any recordings you make. There are even HDR screens and haptic feedback involved. It really does feel like Rode assessed the deficiencies of the previous device and said “More is more, actually.”

rodecaster pro 2
Image: Rode

What all of this means is that three primary pieces of kit streamers rely on — an amp, a mixer, and a stream deck — can now be combined into a single device that doesn’t eat up all that much desktop real estate and will connect to any external mic you have on hand, even a wireless one. That’s already an attractive proposition. I can feel the streamers leaning in already.

Though the RodeCaster Pro 2 will launch in June, it doesn’t have a confirmed release date just yet. Orders are open if you want to secure one, and it will set you back US$699 (AU$983.37).

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