Throw Pretend Money At Diablo Immortal Using This Online Rift Simulator

Throw Pretend Money At Diablo Immortal Using This Online Rift Simulator

Were you like me, fascinated by the sums of money required to convince Diablo Immortal to drop a decent item? If so, boy do I have the online widget for you.

A Github user who goes by dimi777 has created what he calls a $25 Rift Simulator. It’s a free Javascript tool that allows users to simulate the process of paying Diablo Immortal to drop one of its ultra-rare five-star Legendary Gems.

The simulator is extremely simple. The ten slots that make up Diablo Immortal‘s slot machine style interface are represented. Below it, two buttons sit along the bottom of the screen: Waste $25 and Calculate The Cost Of A 5/5 Gem.

Screenshot: David Smith

Though I hit the Waste $25 button a few times to see what tumbled out, I quickly hit the Calculate button to see how long it took for a five-star Gem to drop. And then, I sat back and waited. And waited. And waited.

Screenshot: David Smith

For a solid 15 minutes, the counter slowly rose, dropping and discarding drop after drop and tallying the results. The pretend Diablo Immortal rift hole has me out nearly $18,000 imaginary US dollary-doos. The list of percentages in the upper right is the cherry on top, laying bare the game’s underlying drop rates. With a chance to drop of less than 0.1%, I finally lucked into a five-star Legendary Gem.

In honesty, even getting 22 four-star Legendary Gems was more than I expected.

If you’d like to take the Diablo Immortal $25 Rift Simulator for a spin yourself, you can do so right over here.

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