Dragon Ball FighterZ Player Has Awesome Anime Comeback That Would Make Goku Proud

Dragon Ball FighterZ Player Has Awesome Anime Comeback That Would Make Goku Proud

Over the weekend, life imitated art in the grandest way imaginable at a fighting game tournament and folks, it’s a tear-jerker.

During Heat Wave 2022, a fighting game tournament not to be confused with our climate crisis, victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat in an epic series of matches. The hero of our tale is BMS|Wawa, a 20-year-old Dragon Ball FighterZ player and the odds-on favourite to win the whole tourney. However, much like WWE’s John Cena, fans in attendance soured at the prospect of Wawa thanks to his expertise at the game and rooted against him. They would eventually get their wish after he was sent to the loser’s bracket following his match against fellow FGC player, Zane.

Most in attendance were elated at Wawa’s fall from grace, save for one lone child. Like Gohan crying in the forest after being “left alone” by his mentor Piccolo, commentator Scamby’s son cried in anguish over Wawa’s loss. Taken in by the child’s tears, Wawa made an anime-esque promise that he’d win the whole tournament, adding that “I will never lose again.” Chills.

According to Event Hubs, after Wawa reportedly hugged his young fan, he started to play on a whole ‘nother level. Eventually, Wawa’s Saiyan path of destruction brought him out of the loser’s bracket and into a rematch against the man who’d sent him there.

Folks, Wawa not only successfully won his rematch against Zane, but did so in a clean sweep: a 3-0 victory. Wawa’s journey didn’t just end with his run-back victory against Zane, though. Wawa’s powerup eventually landed him all the way to the grand finals of the tournament in a match against Kayne, almost as if to say “this is to go even further beyond.”

And then he lost. Kidding! Could you imagine? The child’s tears weren’t in vain; Wawa won the entire tournament. He and Kayne had a really close match up but, unfortunately for Kayne, Wawa had the spirit bomb-like power-up from a crying child in his corner. Though to Kayne’s credit,. he was a good sport and even took a photo of Wawa and his fan to commemorate the moment.

“Really happy about the event and how I played, had to do it for the kid 😤😤,” Wawa said in a Tweet. “Ggs to Kayne and everyone they played really well. Adult Gohan is my goat frfr.”

Wawa’s victory effectively proves that truly anything is possible at a fighting game tournament, no matter how anime cliché they might be.

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