Surprise! Rune Factory 5 Is Out Now On PC

Surprise! Rune Factory 5 Is Out Now On PC

A special little treat for any Rune Factory fans on PC.

The latest title in the Rune Factory series came out on Nintendo Switch in the middle of last year in Japan, and in March of this year everywhere else. However, up until then it was purely on the Nintendo Switch and nothing else.

On the Nintendo Switch, Rune Factory 5 received mixed reviews that seemed to fall in line with a critique that many ‘biggest in the series’ games get when put on the Switch: it’s laggy as hell and runs poorly in general.

Another critique seemed to be that the world is just too darned big, which is a critique that many games new to the open-world genre see (and some that have been in it for far too long to keep making it empty as hell).

It’s a sad old thing, but the sad truth is that the Nintendo Switch simply isn’t as powerful as the standard gaming PC. Thankfully, putting Rune Factory 5 on the PC might change some minds in this category.

As a huge Rune Factory 4 head, I was more than excited for the next game in the series, especially when I found out I could get a beautiful anime wife while also personally being a beautiful anime wife. However, mixed reviews definitely held me back from jumping in.

Thankfully, it looks like the early reviews of Rune Factory 5 on PC have answered a lot of peoples prayers, with the game able to actually run at a reasonable frame rate and quality.

Just in case you were unaware of Rune Factory 5, here’s a rundown by the folks over at Marvelous:

The farming/life sim RPG title delivers a full 3D adventure that has players exploring treacherous dungeons and battling dangerous foes to unravel a mystery threatening their adopted home of Rigbarth. In between each day’s adventure, they’ll grow crops, participate in local festivals, and build friendships with a lovable cast of townsfolk. Rune Factory 5 includes features new to the series such as link attacks, co-op cooking, and same-sex marriage.

If you haven’t played a Rune Factory game before but you’re a big fan of farming and action-RPGs, I highly recommend giving Rune Factory 4 a go, as it’s very much considered a hard-hitter by most of the fanbase.

If you’re looking to try the newest rendition though, Rune Factory 5 is now available on Steam.

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