The Keanussance Continues With BRZRKR Anime Adaptation For Netflix

The Keanussance Continues With BRZRKR Anime Adaptation For Netflix

Keanu Reeves has spent the last near decade moving from different parts of the entertainment industry. Both The Matrix Resurrections and Cyberpunk 2077 proved that he could hack it in games, he’s had a really good streak of action and comedy films with John Wick and Always Be My Maybe, and he co-wrote the BOOM graphic novel BRZRKR in 2020 with Matt Kindt and artist Ron Garney. And now, it’s thanks to BRZRKR that Reeves is hopping into the realm of anime.

On Friday during the San Diego Comic-Con panel for the graphic novel featuring Reeves, Kindt, and Vitti, BOOM’s president of development Steven Christy revealed that the graphic novel was receiving a two-season anime spinoff on Netflix, who’s quickly becoming the place to make any anime adaptation you like. Handling the adaptation will be Production IG, who previous works include Haikyuu!!, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and Eden of the East. Beyond Reeves providing the voice of the main character, B, no other information was given.

BRZRKR tells the story of B’s life as an immortal demigod who’s spent over 80,000 years becoming the perfect killer and now operates as an agent for the government, all while trying to find a way to undo his immortality. The AV Club reviewed the first issue back in 2020 and called it “a hyerviolent treat,” and “a product that fully channels Reeves’ strengths as an action star…BRZRKR knows its central appeal and delivers, with a very high level of craftsmanship.”

Beyond the anime, fans of BRZRKR can also look forward to a novel set in the same universe, along with a live-action film in the near future, whenever Reeves finds time to stop being the other unkillable warrior who just wants out of his life. Reeves broke the news about the novel at the same panel, though he couldn’t divulge the author he’s collaborating on it with. He was in Berlin and met the author, who happened to be a fan of the graphic novel, and they got talking. “They enjoyed it and they had a lot of questions and they were open and curious,” said Reeves. “This will be a collaboration.”

Look for the third and final story arc of BRZRKR to hit in September, though it may not be the end of B and this blood-soaked universe he inhabits.

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