A PS1-Era Jonesy Is Hiding Among Fortnite’s Latest List Of Potential Skins

A PS1-Era Jonesy Is Hiding Among Fortnite’s Latest List Of Potential Skins

Fortnite can be played on so many platforms that the idea of a PS1 version doesn’t really stretch the bounds of credulity. There ways that Epic can tip its hat to the era, however, and we may have just seen its latest nod.

So, the setup. Epic Games has sent out its latest user survey, asking players for feedback on potential skins that could be added to the game in future. Epic sends this survey out to users semi-regularly as a way to gauge audience interest and provide a north star for its character artists to follow. There’s a lot on the list this month, and they all seem very Fortnite-y indeed. Here’s the full set from leaker Shiina:

Some of these skins are variations on ones that already exist in-game. Others are entirely new. They all look quite cool.

And then there’s this guy.

Hang on, let me put the actual picture of him in the piece for you, and then we’ll look at him again.

Image: Epic Games

I mean, that’s clearly Jonesy, Fortnite‘s long-time “main character”, de-made to look like a character model from the PS1 era.

Specifically, this period of the PS1 era.

Image: Square Enix

The comparison isn’t exact, but I can’t be the only one whose mind went straight to Final Fantasy 7, can I? A datamine from February appeared to hint at plans for a Final Fantasy 7 crossover. Could this be the next step in that deal? Could Epic be testing the waters to see if people would go for a low-fi look before committing to variant skins for Cloud and the gang?

Or is it just Friday afternoon and I’ve become a Charlie Day-level crackpot about this? Sound off in the comments below.

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