Surreal Indie Game OneShot Out On Consoles Next Month

Surreal Indie Game OneShot Out On Consoles Next Month

Looks we know when OneShot: World Machine Edition is getting the Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! treatment on consoles now. Nice!

If OneShot happened to not be on your radar when it was released back in 2016, I’d highly recommend giving it a play on PC. It’s a surreal top-down puzzle-adventure game developed by Future Cat where you guide a little cat child called Niko through a mysterious world.

What sets OneShot apart from your average puzzle-adventure, though, is Niko is aware of your existence, and you eventually form an emotional bond with them throughout the game and you regularly communicate with one another.

There are a few other games that do a little something like this, or include similar mechanics to OneShot where you must work outside the game’s window to figure out what to do in the game next. One example of this, as I mentioned before, is Doki Doki Literature Club. However, while DDLC‘s aim is to unnerve you with its breakage of the fourth wall, OneShot‘s aim is instead a means to make you question what it means to exist.

So similarly to DDLCOneShot is getting its very own console version in the form of OneShot: World Machine Edition, something we learned back in December last year. Now we know when exactly it is releasing thanks to an announcement on publisher DANGEN Entertainment’s Twitter.

Considering what we just explained with OneShot‘s external game mechanics, it looks like the developers are going in the same direction as DDLC in order to execute a console version of the game. This will involve you playing on The World Machine, an in-game god-like computer that includes the game, as well as a Documents folder, a Music Box, a Friends list, and a Gallery.

The original version of OneShot for PC stayed true to its name, meaning that you truly only had one shot to play it. Or one opportunity, as Eminem would say. If you quit the game or it closes, you have to go from the beginning (or in the even more original version, Niko legit just dies. Depressing.).

While this could be infuriating for anybody wanting to take their time with the game, thankfully this did not end up being the case in the final paid product. I mean, can you imagine buying a game that you can only open once? That’d be wild.

I’m personally pumped to see what Future Cat has in store for OneShot: World Machine Edition, as it’s a good opportunity for people who might’ve missed the indie title to give it a go. It’s really something special. Not to mention that a new edition means all sorts of new content!

OneShot: World Machine Edition will release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 22nd, 2022. It’s available now for PC and Mac.

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