Fortnite Leak Suggests A Lady Gaga Concert Is On The Horizon

Fortnite Leak Suggests A Lady Gaga Concert Is On The Horizon

@FNLeaksAndInfo, a Twitter account dedicated to posting leaked information about the online battle royale Fortnite, discovered on August 30 what might be an even more huge cultural event than the making of the hydrogen bomb: Lady Gaga will have a virtual concert.

Maybe. There are some signs pointing to it, at least. FNLeaksAndInfo posted an audio clip of what they say is an emote named “Jug Band” that, when used by four players, creates what undoubtedly is a fiddle rendition of Lady Gaga’s 2008 pop banger “Poker Face.” The emote also features some spirited jaw harp accompaniment. All in all, this is what an 11-year-old kid with an iPad would call “iconic,” and that’s a good thing for video games.

To further lend credence to a Lady Gaga conspiracy, Fortnite announced today that the second year of Rainbow Royale, an event dedicated to LGBT art, items drops, and more, was kicking off tonight at 8 p.m. ET. In its press release, Fortnite confirmed participation by a few musicians, queer community favourites like Janelle Monáe, Kim Petras, and, crucially, Lady Gaga. As of now, we know these artists will at least play over the game’s radio, but, going back to July 18, evidence of an unannounced concert mounts.

On that day, leaked assets, including a stage, speakers, and Fortnite’s man-rock statue beheaded so that a peace sign-shaped speaker could rest gingerly on his meaty thighs, made it clear that a spectacle was coming. Some believe that Juice WRLD or Marshmello could possibly play the rumoured concert, but the FNLeaksAndInfo discovery suggests a Lady Gaga explosion of some kind. I personally suggest we refrain from desecrating deceased artists like Juice WRLD by putting them in Fortnite. But anyway, iconic!


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