Lady Gaga Dropkicks Ninja On Twitter

Lady Gaga Dropkicks Ninja On Twitter
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Lady Gaga has entered the Fortnite chat by sledging Ninja, one of the world’s most famous streamers, on Twitter.

It all started when Lady Gaga asked the world a simple question on Twitter: “What’s Fortnight?

She later tagged Ninja in the post, asking the very meta question: “who are you?”

Ninja then told Lady Gaga to “ask Drake“, who joined him and Travis Scott for a record-breaking Fortnite stream back in 2018. But by then, the damage was irreparable.

It’s not actually clear whether Lady Gaga was trolling or genuinely wondering what all the fuss was about years after Fortnite first exploded onto the scene (my money’s on the former). Ninja’s bruised ego aside, it’s pretty encouraging how the gaming and celebrity worlds are crossing over more frequently than ever before.

Between Ninja’s recent appearance on the US version of The Masked Singer and Chrissy Teigen and Blink-182’s love for the cheeky Untitled Goose Game, gaming is finally infiltrating a space where it should have been all along.

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  • …gaming is finally infiltrating a space where it should have been all along.What space is that exactly? Nerdcore celebrities have existed for quite a while. Or are we playing the Normie card?

  • On the one hand: lol.

    On the other… the fact that she doesn’t know says more about her being out of touch than it does invalidate the success of game-streaming.

    The old guard is insignificant when the dollars come out. Gaming has long since surpassed the revenue of the music and film industries combined. Gatekeeping what counts as ‘real fame’ is the reaction of those who can’t compete, struggling to guard their relevance.

    • “Gaming personalities” such as Ninja and Pewdiepie have next to no osmosis to them, though. Either you know who Ninja is, how he doesn’t stream with women and he got a great deal with mixer to jump from Twitch, or you’ve never heard of him.

      Celebrity culture is more defined by people knowing who you are, even if they don’t know what you do. Fame is much more important when it comes to sponsorship deals. Yes, the product revenue of videogames is sky high, but there is a distinct lack of faces you can put on a billboard showing off a Rolex watch compared to film/music/sports stars. With his appearance on the masked singer, Ninja looks to be crossing that boarder.

    • Eh, seemed more like he jumped into her replies for the attention.

      Which will usually get a “and you are?” response.

  • Let’s not forget that Gaga is actually a gamer, she posted on twitter that she was playing Bayonetta and loving it

  • I’m going to guess it wasn’t trolling or genuinely lack of knowledge but an attempt to generate coverage and attention.

    We all know how fake the celebrity sphere can be, with entire professions dedicated to strategic publicity.
    Fake relationships, carefully curated social media presence etc.

  • As much as I don’t care for Ninja, This clearly isn’t Gaga being genuine.

    If she really didn’t know what Fortnite is then she’s so out of touch its insane, and if she really wanted to know who Ninja was then she could of googled it. This just comes across as a celebrity trying to flex on another by saying “who even are you?

  • I think the ultimate laugh would be if she really was talking about two weeks or something related but people just assumed it was a typo (or misread her tweet)

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