Next Big Nintendo Direct Won’t Be Broadcast Everywhere To Mourn The Queen

Next Big Nintendo Direct Won’t Be Broadcast Everywhere To Mourn The Queen

There’s going to be a Nintendo Direct on Wednesday morning, September 14th, at 12 AM AEST, Nintendo has just announced. It’s going to be a big one, too, with an estimated clock time of 40 minutes. We’re hoping we’ll get to hear about some of the bigger games Nintendo has been silent on for a while, especially with the holidays coming up.

(Editor’s note: Nintendo Australia has now confirmed to Kotaku Australia that the decision from its UK branch to delay the Direct does not apply to Australia and New Zealand. The Direct will stream live in Aus and NZ tonight per standard procedure. — David)

We know Nintendo is making Metroid 4. How? Because every time they release their financials, there’s a tiny little mention of it on the future roster section, accompanied by a dreaded “TBA.” But if the gossip from those who correctly predicted that this very Direct was happening is correct, we might finally get word on Samus’s latest adventures. And perhaps, oh God please, some of those Zelda remasters that have been in the ether for so damn long.

Soothsayer Jeff Grubb very correctly called the Direct as happening “the week of the 12th,” back in August. VGC then reported it was further verified for Tuesday 13th by Nintendo inside Emily Rogers.

Grubb went on to protect a “Zelda blow-out” for the Direct, suggesting we might finally get word on Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, both long-rumoured to be in re-development at Nintendo, with some even suggesting they’ve been finished and ready to ship for a long while now.

Metroid Prime 4 is perhaps more of a long-shot, given how many iterations and developers that poor game seems to be going through. But solid word on it would be so good.

Don’t hold your Breath of the Wild 2, of course, since it seems far more likely that’ll be held back for 2023 reveals, but with Splatoon 3 out on the shelves, and Pokémons Scarlet and Violet taken care of in their own Directs, maybe they’ll at least give us a tease?

Meanwhile, in completely barmy news, this Nintendo Direct will not be simultaneously streamed all around the world, because … Nintendo UK have announced they won’t be streaming it via their YouTube channel as a “mark of respect,” to Her Majesty the Queen. We Brits are, I’m told, in a “period of national mourning,” and as such the streaming of a video that’s available in the country by nineteen other methods would be like spitting on her grave.

They’ll still post it to their YouTube channel an hour later, though. Because, as we all know, Queen Elizabeth II, the world’s biggest Nintendo fan, hated livestreaming, but was a huge fan of previously uploaded YouTube videos Anything else would be so disrespectful. Please, as your resident British reporter, let me tell you that barely anyone here gives a shit. This is full on lunacy.

Anyway, if you want to dance on the Queen’s unburied coffin, you can watch the Direct via Nintendo’s YouTube channel and one second ahead via their Twitch. It starts at 12 AM AEST.


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