The Entire Call Of Duty Community Just Got Punked

The Entire Call Of Duty Community Just Got Punked

I am now convinced that “female Call of Duty streamer” is the hardest job in the world. Nadia Amine is one of the fastest growing Call of Duty: Warzone streamers on Twitch, and there’s been a ton of controversy on social media about her meteoric rise. If you search her name on YouTube or Tiktok, the videos are filled with cheating accusations against her. Seemingly joining in on the train, last week, Call of Duty professional Doug “Censor” Martin, who is the number one ranked Vanguard player in the world right now, tweeted that he was going to start unmasking cheaters in the popular shooter. Immediately, eyes turned toward Amine.


Prior to the most recent events, people primarily accused Amine of competing in easier matches by artificially matching with “bot” players, or by somehow engineering matches so that she only plays in easier lobbies. Some arseholes have even parodied her TikTok videos by making it look like she’s washing dishes or making a sandwich.

Martin was claiming that he somehow obtained a list of people who “downloaded cheats over the past year,” and that he was going to start “exposing” them. He then claimed that the list of names was “massive,” and that he was willing to look up names for people who messaged him.

This is where it gets complicated. Five days ago, he demonstrated his method for obtaining names on a live Twitch stream, and proceeded to accuse a player with the handle Tylerish of cheating in Vanguard. He also claims that a player named “Tea” had shown up on the cheater list, and he contacted her boyfriend about it (Yes, I think that’s weird too). While Kotaku cannot confirm the veracity of these allegation, they’re relevant to how Martin pivoted to Amine.

Martin posted a screenshot of Amine reaching out to him, because Tea, the person Martin claims to have exposed as a cheater, apparently had reached out to her and warned Amine that Doug was “gonna frame me.” Martin later tweeted that he wanted to “talk about Nadia” to his fans, acting irate over her reaching out at all, and that he wanted to “expose cheaters.” The internet started eating it up, and seemingly everyone was watching with bated breath. Content creator Dr. Disrespect, for example, didn’t think that he was bluffing, but other people in the space advised caution. “Unless you have real proof, I’d be careful. Women already have a horrific time navigating gaming careers,” said esports company founder Adam Apicella. “Why make it harder unless you have something irrefutable?” Kotaku reached out to Martin, but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

He finally dropped the video two days later. And it’s by far the worst thing that I’ve ever seen in my life.

In the video, Martin explained that he had a friend who had a method for catching cheaters in the Call of Duty: Vanguard ranked play system. “This started off as me wanting to do the right thing, find cheaters and catch them,” said Martin. He explained that people started to “turn” his crusade into pursuing Amine’s cheating allegations.

“I’ve told Nadia publicly that I don’t care about her. My video is going to be unbiased. I don’t need money [and] I don’t need clout,” said Martin. And that’s when it started to get really weird. The rest of the video turns into a joke marriage proposal, with Martin getting on one knee and offering a wedding ring. “I’m so happy that I like women,” Nadia tweeted on the day that the video was uploaded.

I’m sympathetic to Martin getting caught up in batshit Call of Duty drama, but it’s kind of shitty that he had to make a wedding parody about someone who didn’t seem to have agreed to this. Kotaku reached out to Amine for a comment, but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

Martin doesn’t seem to be repentant about his weekend stunt. In a tearful “apology” video, he said: “I’m just gonna take a step back, and do the right thing, and apologise… to absolutely nobody.”

The competitive esports community was not impressed. “I hope you finally see that he is a joke,” tweeted Dante Rene Santana of the FaZe Clan on the day that the video was posted (Santana previously criticised his plan to “expose” cheaters).”[Censor] went on stream, attempted to propose to her, and embarrassed himself, ” tweeted Call of Duty news website Charlie Intel. The number one comment on the video, meanwhile, reads “Damn, as someone who doesn’t play COD anymore, I truly believed Censor was a legit credible guy. This is just… The exact opposite. Why tank your reputation for nothing.”


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